Trade 1997 LX450 - Tulsa, OK $7500 or trade

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United States
1997 Lexus LX450 215,000 miles $7,500 OBO or Interesting Trades

Factory E-Lockers

Wheels and TIres

o 37 x 12.50 R 16.50 Goodyear MT – Hummer Military Tires w/ spare
o U.S. Wheel 70-6860 - U.S. Wheel 70 Series White 8-Spoke Wheels
o Wheel Spacers – Aluminum 1.25”

Body and Interior

o Front fenders cut to fit tires, edge redone w/ angle iron inner fender redone to all look stock (as of 5/10/11 DS is done PS needs done – but will be done soon)
o Rear fender openings cut, flanged over and welded
o Flexy flairs
o Lower body lined w/ Durabak – Needs to be redone since wheel openings cut out and doors changed
o Started to paint Flat Olive Drab Green – Magic Paint – will finish in next couple months if still have truck
o Interior floor lined w/ Durabak
o Additional sound deadening on floor and roof
o Cloth seats, door panels, headliner, carpet out of ’94 Land Cruiser

Front Suspension

o J-Springs
o 1-3/8” Spring spacers
o MAF 3” drop brackets
o Rancho RS9000XL 14” travel shocks
o Custom extended front shock mounts
o Swaybar Drops
o Swaybar Disconnect brackets
o Stainless Steel Extended Brake Lines

Rear Suspension

o J-Springs
o Rancho RS9000XL 14” travel shocks
o Custom extended rear shock mounts
o E-brake cable and other cables lowered on drop bracket to allow full travel w/o destroying lines
o Reinforced trailing arm mounts at frame

Front Bumper

o Frankie’s Off-Road Custom built w/ stinger
o 2”OD tube

Rear Bumper

o Custom owner built based on flipped factory hitch
o 3/16” plate w/ ¼” plate top
o Exhaust exits through bumper
o Receiver hitch w/ front accessable pin - but receiver is completely protected


o Magnaflow 3 way spun catalytic converter
o New O2 Sensors @ about 175K miles
o Mandrel bent tubing over frame
o Cherry Bomb Turbo Muffler
o One weak point is it has some flex tubing in part of the exhaust which works, but would be better if replaced with solid exhaust tube.


o Owner built rotating sliders
o Out-riggers are 2”x2” x ¼” wall tube
o Main body is a trapezoid shape of 6”, 3”, 3” and 2” x 3/16” plate
o Slides over rocks easier than tube sliders, and gives maximum clearance
o In down position they are lower than step sliders, and provide a great step in . Makes getting into tall truck really easy.
Custom skid plate
o Extends to sliders at center mounting point.
o Even with bottom of frame except at t-case where it slopes down to clear
o Reinforced w/ tubing

1” Body Lift

Dual battery set-up w/ relocated washer bottle

Rock lights

EGR Valve and VSV replaced 2 years ago

All 4 brake rotors replaced @ 165,000 miles

Front end rebuild @210,000

New 100 Series Pads @210,000


• Rear defroster doesn’t work
• Rear quarters need a little straightening
• Spare tire is bad – but will be replacing soon.

I bought this truck with 163,000 Miles and it was a one owner truck. I’ve had it for 6 years and have simply become bored having the same truck for so many years. No known mechanical issues, and the truck drives good down the hwy at 75+. Still rides comfortably despite its height and 37” wheels. Off-road with the lockers and long travel suspension the truck is simply amazing. Locked 80’s are good, 37” tires and 14” travel shocks take this truck to a higher level. You can ignore the dent in the PS doors, my brother is shipping me new ones shortly. It has been used for it's intended purpose on the rare occasions I have time.

YouTube - Disney 2011

I’m open to trades or partial trades – Just looking for something different from this, maybe something unusual. 1st Generation 4 Runner, FJ45 Wagon, FJ55, Diesel Mercedes (5cyl from 70’s 80’s), CUCVV, Unimog, Duce and a Half, Crew Cab, Toyota RV / Chinook, Samurai, Vanagon Sycro or Westy or ??? Not in any rush, and plan on continuing to improve the vehicle (finish paint ect) as if I'm keeping it, just wanting to see if there was something interesting I could trade for different - or $7500 cash and I'll go buy something different :)

PM or email
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oh, and yes, I would even consider this in trade....
I have always liked your rig WE, good luck selling it!

Thanks - I go back and forth on selling it. Don't have to sell it, but not sure I want to keep it any more. Put it on Craigslist two years ago just locally - nothign happened, and I stopped selling and put 37's on. Elliot (my 5 year old) was not happy about the idea of selling it after the fire, it's been here his whole life :) But he'd have just as much fun in the back of a 4 runner (which I couldn't consider until the kids were old enough to buckle themselves up). It'll sell, or it won't.... ;)
Good luck - FWIW, I think you'd really enjoy a project like a first Gen Runner. If I had fewer kids and better fab skills, including an engine swap, I'd probably go down that same route.

Bump :cheers:
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Good luck - FWIW, I think you'd really enjoy a project like a first Gen Runner. If I had fewer kids and better fab skills, including an engine swap, I'd probably go down that some route.

Bump :cheers:

1st gen w/ dual t-cases, 37's, and a VW TDI, or Mercedes 5 cyl. diesel would be nice :)

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