1997 - HZJ73 - 4WD Hub assembly

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Apr 22, 2019
Vancouver, BC
Hello all,

I wanted to get some thoughts regarding replacing the hub assembly on my land cruiser, since i am based out of Canada its hard to find the parts for the job. Maybe some here has experienced the same problem in the past and could share their solution with me?

So the issue is that the 4WD wouldn't engage...i got it checked by a local Japanese import mech here in BC and per him:

  1. The electrical signals are coming to hubs and axle is spinning as well.
  2. Opened both front hub and found inside the automatic hub: metal brushes for the motor is worn on both side causing not to lock the hubs.
  3. Will have to replace Auto hub assembly.
  4. Toyota Japan quoted 4 weeks to make the hub assembly as they are out of stock and quoted $1,450 CAD. FML!!

Now the idea i am struggling with is that should i get the parts from Toyota or Is there any other after market part maker that is as reliable?

I mean i use the truck for off-roading and the last thing i want is the 4wd to break down.

Thank you so much for your time!
if you do a search most have replaced the auto hubs with locking hubs. Some have been able to keep the auto hubs working but seems troublesome? Maybe take one brush to a electric shop and see if they can find a compatible brush. Seems the problem mostly is the brushes, but I have read some had broken bits since some of the parts are very small.
@coldtaco thx! i asked around and i think its makes most sense to convert to manual and be done wit it....its almost the same cost and i believe less maintenance in the future.
and get set asin hubs from cruiser outfitters
i think cruiser outfitters may have a kit for this, i seem to recall seeing that, if not they should be able to get the parts for it. A few 77 folks have done it.
This may help.
a, Carbon brush size's.gif
Thank you all for the information, i was able to find a local shop that specialized in converting from auto to manual.

Thanks to you guys i will be better educated going in!

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