For Sale 1997 4runner $3500 obo

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United States
I am selling this only because I'm buying an FJ62. This 4runner has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.
That being said, it is not pristine, however, I am not selling it because it's pending any major repairs. This needs nothing to be a reliable DD.

The list:
168k miles
5-speed manual transmission
Power locks, windows, sunroof (all work)
Heat/AC work
Tires in very good condition
Does not leak anything that I'm aware of
Vehicle located in Casper, Wyoming

Needs: paint faded on top, spent many years in San Diego and could not afford a place with a garage. So, would need paint to look pretty.
The two front seats have some tears in the leather.

I had one minor incident and replaced front bumper and drivers side headlight.

I have not made any modifications.

The rear suspension (sagging) was fixed by Toyota via recall many years ago.

This vehicle has never let me down.

Story if interested: purchased used in Utah because wife thought it was pretty and came from a Toyota family. Was our family vehicle until about four years ago when we got a new one. It mostly sits in the driveway now and I use it to transport the kids when wife is gone or to take stuff to the dump because it has so much room inside, especially with the seats down. This 4runner has made me a Toyota believer and if you drive it you will see it has many years left. No unusual noises or rattles and feels tight.

I am not a mechanic so will answer any questions the best I can. I am posting here first so if you guys think the price should be lower or have any other suggestions, please let me know. Will post on CL in a day or two.


This is my first post so pm or email directly at: if you would like.
Nice color....would your 4Runner happen to have the rear e-locker by any chance?
I've never had reason to try it but button to left of steering wheel says RR DIFF LOCK. I can see if something lights up on the dash when I get home today.
Then yeah, you do have the e-lock. sending you email...
my bad...the e-locker button shows on your fourth pic... :)
rear locker + manual + v6= awesome! and rare. I am a huge fan of 4Runners. you have a nice truck there. should not have an issue getting what you're asking, probably more if you go on some 4Runner specific sites. here is some info on 1997.
Toyota 4Runner History 1997
Thanks for the feedback and link info, way cool! I'll watch out for the email. My neighbor who has an 80 series said uh oh, you have it. I said what, he said yotabug. But how can I not, this 4runner has been there through everything and never failed. Only wish I would have figured out how to protect the paint sooner...
Nice truck... You could easily get more than that in my area. Thats for sure! Like mentioned above, V6, 4x4, and stick is pretty desirable and rare.
You guys on this forum are extremely helpful. Really appreciate it, guess I should have started higher:(
It speaks of great character that the prospective seller has been informed by potential buyers that his price is way too low for market value. Seller obviously did not know the rarity of 5pd + elocker on a 3rd gen 4runner. I'd love to have this one!
Agreed, this experience has been very refreshing. Always seems like people are trying to get the best of you. I'm a MUD member 4 life!
I wish you were closer. I would have to have it.
Yeah, kind of far from everything up here but a local MUD member came to check it out tonight so we'll see...would be nice to see it go to a member, especially one who shows up in a 91 cruiser:)
I dont suppose you would be interested in trading for an 84 fj60 SOA with 35s and regeared with 4:88s?
I have a 62 lined up and will check with the guy today. If it doesn't pan out I am not opposed to a trade.
Hey 4runnrr, got your pm but it won't let me reply. Anyway, you can email me at And to answer your questions, it's located in Casper, Wyoming and listed price is 3500 for MUD members. I haven't listed it anywhere else yet.
Haha, it took too long to get out of there to go back:)
if this truck was in the south east it would be on its way to my driveway....

I have always wanted to visit wyoming though... :hmm:
If you come, bring your fishing gear!

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