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Aug 7, 2006
United States
I have decided to sell one of my 80 series. 1997 40th Anniversary, sage green w/70K in showroom condition. It has always been garaged and has never been off road. Exterior paint (original) and trim close to perfect. The interior seats, carpet and trim are like new. There is no wear, tears or fading. This vehicle has never been in an accident. All services were completed per Toyota and IH8MUD baseline recs . Within the last 500 miles I have completed the following baseline service/updates (All toyo factory parts from Cruiser Dan). Fluids changed every 3k or on annual basis. Southern 80 series with zero rust in showroom condition.

Price $17,900

Complete overhaul/ rebuild of Birfields (knuckles) utilizing valvoline synth. #985 grease and toyo rebuild kit
replaced rotors/ (100 series)
replaced brakelines w/ braided stainless steel lines (Slee)
completed coolent flush (Toyo Red)
new thermostat/gasket
new 1995 metal/brass (DL05 Toyo) radiator with new cap
new upper/lower hoses
new Gates (blue silicone) pesky heater hose
new Gates FHH hoses
all belts replaced
new Toyo blue waterpump
complete transmission service (mobile 1 ATF)
complete tune up (plugs/wire set/distributor cap/rotor button/ PCV valve)
starter contacts cleaned
replaced fuel filters
replaced PCV
replaced fan clutch
replaced diff. fluid (trans. case, front, rear) Mobil 1 75/90
replaced extended breathe tubes
replaced suspension w/ OME 2.5 springs/ shocks/ steering damper ( heavy front/ med. rear)
added new ARB bull bar
completed oil change rotella synth. w/ toyo 2004 filter
New Slee lighting harness
PIAA lighting (replacement headlight bulbs)
FET aux. lighting
New factory toyo antenna

I think ther are some additional service/ upgrades that I may have failed to mention. Pictures available. I try not to overstate condition but this is a very nice 80 series in near showroom condition. Please call if you have any additional questions. Thanks for your interest. I am trying to attach pictures but keep getting an error message.

G Gunhouse
Atlanta Ga.

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TEQ Frame of Mind
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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
Got some formatting issues on yer post there.....

$100,000 dollar question....

Does it have the front and rear factory locking differentials?
(little dial to the left of the steering column)
Aug 7, 2006
Very sorry regarding the formatting issues. Not sure what the heck happened there. Of course the last software classes I had was cobalt and fortran in the mid 70s and required IBM punch cards. The series 80 does not have the factory locker option.
Aug 7, 2006
No I am not the original owner. I purchased the vehicle from a gentlemen in Atlanta in 9/06 (67,775 miles). He purchased it from the original owner/dealer in southerm missouri 1/2004 (42,857 miles). Always been garaged never off road.

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