For Sale 1991 fj80 for sale "cheap" must move quickly

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I am posting this for a lady and have no knowledge of the vehicle. Seems like somebody could make use of this before the scrap yard gets it. She really wants to sell the whole vehicle quickly and cheap.

I have a 1991 Land Cruiser, that was, up until yesterday, in mint condition. My husband (owner of the car) ran it off the road and totalled the front end. We only had liability on it, and are hoping the tree he tangoed with isn't going to sue.

All joking aside, before we scrap it - is anyone interested in parting it out/parts for it? Does anyone know of a larger base in which I could contact more people?

The front end/engine is totalled. However, from the driver side and back is in pretty good condition. I can provide pics if you want to email me due to serious inquiry.


Erin C.
Birmingham, AL
Hello I am interested in the seering colum electronics ( head lamp swich, dimmer, turn signal indicator , cruise control lever) I wantto put this on my left hand driver 80 Series as it is reversed from North American vehicles. Also would like dash light dimmers control.
What about the seats? Are they leather? In good condition?

91's did not have leather... never even seen a 91 with "port installed" leather...

wondering how severe the damage really is... i can get the vehicle tonight if need be...
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Dang... someone has already swooped it... were they from mud?

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