For Sale 1990 FJ62 White

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Email sent.

How much for :

-rear seatbelt assy
-rear cargo panels
-power antenna
-front / rear third member
-front passenger seat
-rear seat with headrest

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Email sent - but no response.

Not sure of interior color - do you have any brown seat bottom covers from this truck? Thanks! Steve
Michael - Thought it would be easier for people to email, it has. Nevertheless, i will post prices of the remaining parts.
Front end (-bumper): 4 headlights, buckets, turn signals, grill, cables assys. Selling together = 120

More to come. Send an email if you need a faster response.
Carpet: Front = 110, Center = 75, Rear = 75
No tears...all in great shape

Upper and lower tailgate = 150 each.
Both excellent condition. Lower has carpet.

More to come.....


Upper and Lower Tailgate.jpg
Do you still have the air compressor and related hoses? I need everything pertaining to the a/c under the hood if available, thanks.
I will be heading to LA in the next couple of weeks.

Mudflaps have been sold. I know I have the driver and rear OEM
floor mats, I will look for the passenger one.

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