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I'd like to surprise the wife for her birthday in a couple weeks with a newer 200 or LX. So I've decided to keep the 2015 for myself and see if there is anyone that wants a great running, great looking and great riding FJ62. Details as follows:

1990 FJ62

Dark Grey (155) exterior with Gray interior (FV11)

VIN# JT3FJ62G3L1121144

146,XXX miles

Clean Title in my name

Located in Casper, WY

$25K firm

Spent most of its life on the central California Coast. Was brought to Cincinnati in 2018 by an Audi dealership owner. After about 6 months they decided to put it on the lot and the fella I bought it from bought it with 138,XXX miles and parked it in his garage, only occasionally driving it over the course of a year. I flew to Cincinnati and drove it home to Wyoming with zero problems.

I purchased in March 2019 with 139,XXX miles

1 year old 2” Med OME suspension from Cruiser Outfitters

Replaced tie rods

Replaced transmission shifter bushings (no more side to side slop)

Replaced transmission filter and fluid

Replaced transfer case fluid and both differential fluids

Replaced oil filter (NAPA Gold) and oil (Mobil 1 15W50) twice in the last year

Cooling system flushed and replaced hoses and cap and thermostat (with gasket)

Replaced PCV valve

Replaced belts

Replaced fuel filter

Replaced fuel filler cap

Replaced fuel charcoal canister with GM aftermarket

New distributor cap, rotor, NGK spark plugs, ignition coil and wires

New stainless steel battery tray

New rear hood weatherstrip

4wd works as it should in Hi and Lo with no popping out of gear

Interior is 8/10, no rips or tears

PO installed dash cap covering original. Seems to be glued down

Installed 3D printed cup holders for front and rear passengers

New rear hatch struts

All power windows work. Express driver window does not work. Power locks work except for rear driver side (will unlock, but does not lock). All other doors (including rear hatch) lock and unlock.

Power side mirrors work

Manual antenna

Rear Defroster would work, but I think there are too many copper lines in the rear window that have been damaged for it to work properly.

Rear washer fluid and wiper work

Rear heater works

AC recharged with R12 last year (blows cold)

All interior/exterior lights work

Idles at 650 rpm as it should

Did valve adjustment last year

No reason it shouldn’t pass a smog test, but we don’t have that here so I don’t know for sure. All the equipment is there and seems to function fine.

Things you should know:

PO closed garage door on rear roof thereby denting the roof right above the hatch. About the size of a half-dollar. I was unable to push it out, so I lightly sanded the area and tried to match the paint (for some reason the can of Toyota 155 I bought doesn’t quite match or I was doing it wrong), anyway I just wanted to keep the area from rusting and I have achieved that.

PO had a CB so there is an aftermarket CB antenna receptacle on the roof above the driver. Has not and does not rust, so I left it.

Factory radio/tape player works. Radio is fine, but the tape player is a little slow to get going at first. It will eventually play the tape at the speed it is supposed to, but it takes some fast forwarding (or rewinding) of the tape several times before the system “warms up”. All speakers seem to work as does the tone/balance/fade functions.

Tires have maybe 10,000 miles on them. They are nothing special, I think from Wal-Mart, but they are made by Good Year and have done really well for me in snow and mud. Spare is not of same kind, but is in good condition.

All original glass. Two, maybe three small (less than dime sized) chips/nicks in the windshield, but no starring or obscured vision.

The one time I took it on a true trail a few months ago, I went in between some thick bushes and therefore have a couple light scratches down each side. I have not attempted to buff them out.

I keep going back and forth on whether it was ever repainted or if it the original paint. It almost looks too good to be original, but the area that was dented above the rear hatch looked to be original paint that I removed revealing the original primer. And in other areas I think I can see masking marks where someone would’ve masked it around the windows for a repaint.

Driver side mirror vibrates at highway speed.

May or may not have rear main seal leak. I thought it did when I bought it, but I park it inside and have a rug underneath it and so far have not had any staining. Maybe it cleared itself up when I started changing the oil or maybe it was just the oil pan (I tightened all the bolts on it as some were loose).

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