1989 Pickup Heater Core Connector Pipe help (1 Viewer)

Mar 2, 2015
Yuma, Arizona
I am replacing the heater core on an 89 regular cab 4x4 DLX truck. I ordered what I thought was the correct connector pipe (hard pipe that fits into the heater core and runs to the bulkhead, see pic). Toyodiy says its not an applicable part, so I went off of what the toyota dealer said which looked right in the picture but.... The pipe I got (87156-35010) was too short and not bent correctly. Does anyone know the correct part number or aftermarket replacement? Thanks for the help.
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Sep 1, 2009
Greenville, SC
On my 86 4runner i found there is a standard non rear heat heater core (has the extensions) and a rear heat option heater core that has the tubes built on.

Then there is a 3rd heavy duty heater core I could only find at rock auto that uses the extension tubes.

Perhaps you have the bigger one. Rock auto has the core dimensions listed.

The two cores that both have removable tubes do not interchange with each other. Just took me 3 orders to get the right one.

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