1988 3FE cold start injector timer woes

Feb 19, 2006
North Idaho
After giving my rig some well deserved cooling system maintenance I found the injector timer was broken inside & as so many have experienced this same issue the original part # 89462-20010 is no longer out there anywhere. I scrolled trough some older posts on here & found one person that had the same problem with his 1988 & the newer pn # 89462-20040 for the 1989-1992 3FE is a match that is still available. By no means am I doubting his discovery but these thing are way pricey & we all know the routine. Once it's installed it's yours. Has anyone else tried this cross reference? Of course my local Toyota Dealer has no clue. (No Surprise There). Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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