For Sale 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, 129,285.4 miles, $2500, Arkansas, USA (1 Viewer)

Apr 9, 2014
United States
Clear title.
Licensed and insured.

Body is dented and rusty. Frame is rusty from the rear doors back. Rear shock mount bar rusted off but I kept it so it can be duplicated and replaced so it currently has no rear shocks installed but that never stopped me from driving it between Conway and Little Rock or around town. I had rock sliders made and we welded them directly to the frame to strengthen it. Rear bumper replace the dented and rusty rear bumper and cross member. Rear bumper is made from 1/4" steel and has a receiver built into it. I never painted it since we welded it together last summer. It also has rear quarter sliders I never installed because the rear quarters were already well rusted.

2F motor has been de-smogged and Trollhole carburetor installed a year and a half ago. Runs great. It has a manual choke on the carb and a new battery. Cranks over right away. Oil pressure is good. Does not overheat.

Tires are bald, I would not drive them on the road but the vehicle is a good driving vehicle. It has been driven between Conway and Little Rock many times and was driven once a week to work until last week when I sold the tires that were on it. We can drive it around the neighborhood if you like or bring some good tires to put on it and we can drive it around town.

Stock 4 speed manual trans that leaks oil from the front seal.

Stock transfer case works great. No leaks. I check the oil in everything once a week and the only thing that leaks is the transmission.

Original 60 series 15" chrome wheels (4) and a set of 5 80 series alloy wheels with no tires.

Rebuilt Warn 8274 winch with 150' of steel cable installed. Solid state control box with wired and two wireless remotes. Easy fill plug in the housing so you can check the oil in the case and Zerk fittings on the drum so you can keep it grease.

Interior is complete with the exception of the factory radio, cargo area carpet, and two rear seat belts. The two rear seat belts were broken so I replace them with military troop transport lap belts. Alpine media player with USB and Bluetooth is installed in place of the factory radio. Still has old factory speakers in the doors. New OEM style antenna.

I have 7" JK headlights with LED bulbs that go in the factory headlight locations. The front turn signals work just the light bezels are in bad shape so I took them off along with the grill. I have the bezels and grill and will zip tie them back in place and reinstall the headlights so you can drive it home if needed but I will deliver it if you like if you live in Central AR.

About 1.5 years ago the front axle was re-sealed and new bearings installed. Brakes serviced. Rebuilt third member installed with 4.88 gears and an Aussie locker. New steering rod ends and steering stabilizer installed. ARB CS004F front springs installed with Ironman anti-reversal, greasable shackles. Used ARB shocks. I have the original third member with 3.73 gears and open diff.

About 1.5 years ago rear axle had 4.88 gears with welded spiders installed New seals and brakes serviced. ARB CS005R rear springs and Ironman anti-reversal, greasable shackles. I have the original third member with 3.73 gears and open diff.

Everything I ever took off that may be of some use to be installed or for core charges is included. Including the old alternator, AC compressor, carb cooling fan, washer fluid bottle (non-worker washer motor attached), shocks, various belts, small brake parts, one rocker panel chrome trim piece, distributor dust/water shield.

I have the tool kit, jack (handle is messed up but I have a Jeep handle that works with it), and owners manual.

Gas tank has rust in it. I just would replace the fuel filter pretty regularly. I keep one in the glove box at all times. I have only put non-ethanol fuel in it since I got the new carb.

I have the OEM bumpers but they are not in great shape. You would be able to re-install the front bumper but not the rear as the mounts were cut off for the new bumper. I also have the OEM hitch.

Includes a set of front spindles, hubs, rotors, calipers so you can make the rear axle a full float with RuffStuff’s kit

If you need it shipped I will help you work with a shipper of your choice.















Apr 9, 2014
Now parting out. Winch will be $800. Large items will not be shipped unless you make arrangements with a shipper.
Apr 9, 2014
Condition of B pillar seat belt covers and both washer bottles?

Front bottle is in good condition but the motor is bad. Rear bag is in good condition. I will take a pic of the seat belt covers, bag, bottle when I get off work and post them here.

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