1987 FJ60 in San Gregorio, CA 4sale

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****SOLD****1987 FJ60 in San Gregorio, CA 4sale

An elder friend of mine is looking to sell his FJ60. A buddy of mine has bids on it, but it's not a sure thing. So I'll post the add, if my friend doesn't want it, someone in this list will.

Here are the details:


1987 FJ60, original owner, 126,300 miles. Pretty clean, owner asking $3k firm.

The bad:

Minor coolant leak in firewall, replacement of small plastic valve will fix it.

Power steering leak, get Toyota rebuild kit and fix yourself(cheap).

The worse is a manifold gasket leak, replace manifold gasket and this rig will last you another 20 years.

Paint is oxidized, typical old Toyota.

One very small rust spot (see last picture) of concern and a few minor dings.

Located in San Gregorio, CA on the coast south of SF.
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