For Sale 1987 FJ60 Entire Parts Rig: Washington

Aug 30, 2015
Bothell Washington
United States
Let me start by stating that this is best as a Parts car. ALSO I AM NOT PARTING THIS AT MY PLACE. YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE THE ENTIRE TRUCK AND HAUL OR POSSIBLY DRIVE IT AWAY. Its priced to sell and so that you can still make some money on it. $3000.00

OK so I'm new to the site and to Cruisers. I bought a FJ from a buddy that was leaving the country. Thought 3 k was a smoking deal. The story I got was his buddy had spent 12K fixing it up. Then it sat for at least 2 years. I bought it about a year ago. I stuck a new battery in it. Got it running put a clutch master and a slave in it and parked it again.

Its body is really straight, has new brakes , tires, wheels, and a new lift with new shocks. It has really nice interior new tan leather buckets and its all there. the headliner is stained but the rest is awesome. All of the trim bumpers glass is all there and in great shape.

So its a great Parts gold mine. I do have a clean title but would rather sell the whole truck as a parts rig. I later found some rust on the frame that make me nervous to put it on the road. You do with it what you want. I was hoping to find someone in a club or someone restoring one. It really does have all the awesome parts you'll ever need. Its got about 200K on it and is a 4spd model.
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