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Jan 1, 2009
Columbia, SC
United States
1987 Toyota Land Cruiser --- Bloomington, IN --- $2200
[ O ]=TOYOTA=[ O ]
Carbed 2f engine
4 speed manual with 4wd – Works perfectly
Tan - I believe it was repainted once, and there is some evidence of body work. Pretty solid
172,520 miles and going strong (acquired with 152,XXX)
Daily driver since April 2006 (this includes remote fishing and hunting ‘excursions’)
Roof rack
The speedo is off (reads about 8-10 mph high) so I think the PO put in a set of lower gears.
This was once a PA vehicle. I acquired it from my brother (in VA) in the spring of 2006. It had been sitting for a short while, before we cleaned it up and made it road worthy. Since then, I have had it at school in WV, home in MI, and now again at school in Bloomington, IN.
Here is a run-down on the maintenance and replacement parts
- New cooling hoses
- Rebuilt carb
- Fuel pump
- De-smog
- Air filter
- Muffler, cat removed, and dump
- Exhaust manifold gasket
- Clutch master and slave cylinders
- Rear shock tower and shocks replaced
- Custom spare tire carrier (stock location)
- Jensen CD/MP3 player with iPod hook up
- Kenwood 6x9” speakers in rear, cheap replacements in front
- Lifter adjustment
- Driver’s seat replaced with a 4Runner seat. Year not known, but good condition. Previous one was eaten by a dog, who also gnawed on the blinker stick. It now has a seat cover that matches the passenger seat.
- Fuel filter and under hood fuel lines
- Front brakes
- Head resurfaced and head gasket
- Push rod side cover gasket
- Air pump (not hooked up, used just for pulley)
- Spark plugs
- Radiator flush
- New Duralast Gold battery
- Fuel tank pick up
As with most other cruisers there are a few small issues. There is an oil leak I have been unable to pin down. It only leaks under pressure. I think it is somewhere around the oil cooler. I haven’t had good weather to get a closer look. The second issue is with the fuel tank. There were a small pinholes at the bases of 2 of the vents I fixed. Now it only likes to fill up to about ¾ full. The tires are near the end of their life. If I keep it for much longer, I will be replacing them. It could use a front alignment. There is also typical FJ60 rust. There are some bubble spots, but nothing too serious I believe. The frame was pretty solid last time I was under it. It is missing the passenger side rear bumper cap. It was a winter casualty.
The 4wd is fantastic. I have been using it on and off here this winter (rather icy in Bloomington). The heaters, both front and rear, work great. Last summer the AC blew cold. I have made many trips (most 3hrs or more) in this vehicle. I am a graduate student, and am looking to upgrade to a 4runner with better gas mileage.
I am posting this on MUD to offer it to CruiserHeads. I would like to see it go to a decent home. If no offers, I will be selling locally.
I would really like to trade my 60 plus cash for an early 3rd gen 4runner with a manual trans and 4wd. Please feel free to make offers. The best way to contact me is through email: peterjkoerner@gmail.com.
I will try to help with arranging shipping or delivery as much as possible, but I am unfamiliar with the process.
I also have many pictures available. Email any requests.
Thanks again

Exterior front 2.jpg
Exterior pass side.jpg
Instrument panel.jpg
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Wishin i was in Wydaho
Apr 5, 2002
new erection, va
perfect candidate for a spring over and some 36" swampers :grinpimp:
I gave this cruiser to my brother pkfj60 and he has done quite a bit of work to it (along with my dad), but he's ready to move to a 4runner (atleast he's staying in the toyota family). I think with the combination of not having a garage and the graduate student workload is a good choice to move to a 4runner....

here's a bump for a good driving cruiser...



Wishin i was in Wydaho
Apr 5, 2002
new erection, va

buy the truck, throw a new carpet set in there (or put some rear storage boxes in it) and drive it like you stole it :grinpimp:

someone buy my little brother's 60 so he has some beer money :beer:


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