1986 4 Runner Project

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Apr 2, 2008
Hello all, I am working on my boss's 4 runner for him It is a standard 1986 Toyota 4 Runner with the old four banger in it and the standard five speed transmission. I heard a chevy 4.3L engine would work great in it so I pulled a 2000 Chevy Vortec 4.3L engine out of an astro van. My question to everyone is where is the best place to get parts for the adapter kit and if anyone that has done this conversion knows any good tips?? I am going to reuse the standard five speed transmission and transfer case......if that helps! Thanks any help or tips would be appreciated.:steer:
4 Runer with Chevy 4.3

Hello my boss has a 1986 Toyota 4 runner with the old four banger in it and standard transmission and transfer case. I am going to pull out the engine and replace it with a 2000 Chevy 4.3L Vortec engine. I would like to know if you all have any tips in installing something like this and where is the best place to get parts too? OO and I also need a rear drive shaft also :hillbilly: Don;t ask....:D Thanks:steer:
Get the whole donar truck, you never know what you might ned.... Advanced adapters probably has some of the special parts for that swap... Any decent drive shaft shop should be able to make the shafts you will need, and why would anyone want a flim-flammin' chevy engine in their Toy is beyond me! :D Welcome to Mud!!! :flipoff2:

Remember to search before asking questions, I'm pretty sure we've had some 4.3 swap threads before....
I was so close to posting "let us talk you out of that"

Finger on the button, DANG!

Advanced Adapters has a free buyers guide, I'd start there.

Then I'd jump directly to the energy market and its forecast. :eek:

Then I'd budget the build and (please forgive me for the term) virtual build it.
Add up everything you need and the things you cant do I'd say for every hour of someone else's labor (having guesstimated the hours) multiply that by $60

Then with that shot to ell, I'd see how much I could repower or PM the engine thats already in it. No fab, NO adapters! HEY!

Then I would weigh the estimated longevity (factoring in DT wear from the V6) between the two drive train choices then with the difference in $ between the two I would make a decision.

hope that helps :D

Oh, and aint NO Chebby on the planet gonna out live that Toyota! ;)

Your gonna need a tranny to, so dont leave that out of yer budget.

And gears......and tires.....and upgraded axles....mo gas.....

do the swap you will love the power painless sells the wiring harness advanced adapters has everything else depending on what trans you go with. its not that costly ant that motor will go 250.000+. Ive had built 22re and they did fine off road but if you drive the truck on the street it nice too be able to run highway speeds in od and get 18mpg with 38's
The 4.3 is a good engine for the mini trucks.

They work well in mini truck buggies too.

Downey has info on this, as does Advance Adapter.

Marlin may even have info on this.

Have fun!
I had an 89 4Runner with a 4.3 Vortec. It was a total nightmare. The Toyota stuff hung in there, but everything Chevy or aftermarket brokedown. I got sick of fixing the same things over and over again until the engine itself died. That's when I gave up on it and sold it. The guy I sold it to had to make all the same repairs I did and gave up on the thing when the rebuilt 4.3 he put in it died.
You'll love the truck when she is running good, but just when you think you've finally got everything right, she'll kick you in the b***s. It will get 20 mpg, but you're going to need the money you save on gas to pay for broken parts.
Maybe I just had a lemon, but I won't ever drive that setup again. Good Luck.

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