1985 '60 w/ 211kmiles for $3,000

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Jan 16, 2006
Los Angeles
Hey all,

I am looking at a 85 '60 with 211k miles for 3 grand. Has a new radiator, clutch, tires, and belts.

The PO is defeintely a cruiserhead, and took great care. There is only one dime-sized spot of rust underneath the windshield.

My question is, is this a great price/ fair price/ to much $$?

Also, and more importantly, the engine is original and I am planning on driving from S. California to Alaska this summer (round trip), and have a fear of the engine dying in the middle of the Alaskan HWY.

Whats a typical time for the engine to go, what mileage? I have seen some with new engines at 150k miles, and others still with original at 300k miles+.

What is your opinion on typical engine life for an '60... FYI this is an OCT 85 cruiser.

thanks all
nope. get it. thats a great price. and youre right some engines do die young, usually do to negligence though. if its taken care of i wouldnt worry about it to much
Lots of miles

I would be cautious. I suspect that there are 211000 miles on most of the stuff on the rig. A whole host of mechanical items (examples: bad brakes, clutch master, wheel bearing, fuel pump, radiator, transfer case, etc.) could bring you to a stop on your adventurous voyage. It is not just about the engine. I hate to be a wet blanket. That sounds like a reasonable price for a 60 with the miles on the clock, but the second issue of driving it to AK and back could be iffy unless you can get a lot of stuff checked out and repaired if needed before you leave.
I say buy it. As long as you are able to go over it thoroughly before your trip and do a load of preventative maintenance before, it will probably be fine. There's always a risk of breaking down, even in a new vehicle. If a 60 breaks down, at least you have a good a good chance of performing an easy roadside fix if you're prepared with spare parts.
When i bought my 60 at 100,000 miles, the guy had every receipt for everything he ever did to it. That helped make a decision whether to buy or not. Hopefully your familiar with maintence , and a good 20 mile drive should be your guide. Use the force luke!!!!!!!!!
Its sounds like a good price to me. I paid $2000 for my '87 with 207K on it, but mine sounds like it was a little rougher than yours. As long as you have the time to check it out before your trip, I say go for it.

paid $1600 for a 60 with 250,000 miles on it. nothing has broken yet, I did change the starter out, should of just fixed the old one for $10 but I'm lazy.
Even with the mileage, which isn't that bad, $3,000.00 is an excellent price in So. Cal. for a well kept 60, if it's been well kept.
I paid $4k for my '84 60 about 4yrs. ago, it had ~190k mi. but the PO had all the service records and the rig was in good shape both mechanically and cosmetically.
i would go for it if you're comfortable doing roadside repairs just in case. repairs like belts/ seized smog pump, ps pump etc. bring some spair parts, tools and a manual.

i paid 4900 for my 84 with 250,000 miles but it was in excellent condition. it has never broke down. just had little things break. i'm confident in long road trips...with 50lbs of tools in back:)
I say buy it too. $3000 is chump change for a vehicle this good. It may need some work, but so what. Any vehicle with that many miles is going to have stuff go wrong. I paid the same for my FJ60 4 years ago and it's running strong and takes me everywhere I want to go. I'd drive it to Alaska tomorrow without a thought.
thc187, check it out and make your own decision. The peanut gallery will always bring out stories of better deals, but no one here who paid $ 5,000 for that same rig on Ebay ever chimes in. That is a decent price for what sounds like a decent Cruiser. Let us know what happens!

Besides, $ 3K isn't gonna ruin anyone, but the Steinbergenstein in me says you should offer $ 2,500 and let it ride.
I think it's a fair price, but what counts is if you think it's fair.

For sure check the engine compression. Also, keep in mind the comment above that most of the other things on the truck will also have 211,000 miles on them. Clutch, transmission, transfer, u-joints, waterpump, fan clutch, air pump, powersteering pump, brake calipers, etc.

I have personal experience with all of these...

Crusiers are really durable, and usually give lots of notice before they make you stop. Thus, if you are paying attention, getting stuck in the middle of the alcan hwy isn't too likely.

If you have the time and mechanical will to thoroughly go through the truck before your trip, you'll have a blast!

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