For Sale 1985 4Runner SR5 - KS

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United States
Now located in Pittsboro, NC.


Here are the details:
  • 1985 SR5 - 22re (EFI) - 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 199K miles, but the guy I bought it from said it was rebuilt at around 150K. He did not have receipts. The engine runs well and is very clean inside the valve covers.
  • Valves recently adjusted - new valve cover gasket, half-moons and bolt rubber washers.
  • New water pump and alternator recently installed.
  • New clutch <500 miles ago by local very good transmission shop. (Olathe Transmission).
  • 5 brand new (less than 500 miles) ~33.5” Goodyear Duratrac tires with newly media blasted 5-spoke forged aluminum FZJ80 wheels.
  • Re-geared to 5.29 using Yukon ring / pinion.
  • ARB Air locking differentials in the front and rear - with engine bay compressor
  • Long axle differential breathers installed
  • Trussed Solid Front Axle
  • Marlin Crawler High Steer with IFS Steering Box
  • Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks
  • Updated lift springs and new shackles with 3'' front spring lift and a / 3'' rear spring lift and a 3” longer shackle (body is level).
  • 2” body lift
  • Warn 8000lb Winch
  • Custom front tube bumper
  • Trail Gear Rear Bumper
  • Custom Rock Sliders
  • Woven Steel, Extended Brake Lines
  • Extended Bump Stomps
  • Tinted Windows
  • The previous owner removed all carpet, cleaned, primed and bed-lined interior (no rust found). Also bed-lined select areas of the exterior: Rear fenders around wheels, bottom of the door-wells, lower side body under doors. I also removed front fender covers, cleaned/sanded and painted wheel wells to match rear fenders.
  • New Media / MP3 player and speakers.
  • Rear Seats are the originals and are in great shape. The previous owner replaced the front seats with another set of 85 4Runner SR5 seats in much better shape.
  • The interior is great shape. No smells, burns or issues with the electrical system.
  • Rear window works as it should (rolls up and down from both key and center console switch).
  • Front window was pulled, sanded and repainted where it seals to the body, and then re-installed with modern sealant. No leaks.
  • Transmission, Transfer, and Differentials Oils Changed. 10/13.
  • Recent oil change.
  • Yakima rack for pulling the top off when needed.
  • Front axle recently done by previous owner - not sure on date/process, but appears very clean around wipers.
  • No A/C - Heater works great.
  • Lots of extra parts, taller suspension, optional shackles, front inner axle, etc.
  • The story is the vehicle was used by a park ranger on the trails of Estes Park for much of its life. It has little/no rust (I can't find anything but very slight surface rust).

Things needing to be done or to be aware of:
  • The driver side door has a slight depression and had a dent which was fixed. The door has one coat of original color white paint, but it needs another.
  • The windshield trim was lost when the window was re-installed. It was purely there for looks and is a bit of pain to deal with on these models. Looks fine without it.
  • The rear ARB Air locker button on the console likes to pop off. It needs a new button or to be glued back in, etc.

  • IMG_20140923_132940956_HDR.jpg

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More pictures.

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More pictures to come.
Stock BIRFs. Thanks!
I have secured shipping to NC with our move - once we move - which should be before May.

I am looking to go from the current line up of 4 vehicles to a Prius V, another high efficiency car and a built '80 as the new "end game" - - only really so we can get down to three cars or be able to pick up a REALLY cheap car for my 16-year-old until he can find his own car :)
I'm in the market, now that mine looks like this. Looking for this on the high end but preferably more like the sweet Utah t4r that went for around $5k. In Ala, so if you're still on your way to No Car let me know.


We just got through moving to the Raleigh area. We do need to sell this truck. Let me know if interested.
Hi all - This truck is kinda sold pending transport final arrangements and pre-purchase inspection. I will update if deal falls through. Thanks!
OK Ranger, stand down! lol. I'm working on getting it sent to my HOR, I'm back in the sand at the moment.
OK Ranger, stand down! lol. I'm working on getting it sent to my HOR, I'm back in the sand at the moment.

You're gonna be super happy with this truck! I've ridden in it and it is a really nice build. The pics don't even do it justice really. Super clean!
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Lot of differences here and my truck did not sell for the full 6800.

If you think 85 4Runner pricing is bad, you need to check out FJ40s.
"Nicest Around" vs "Cleanest on the West Coast"

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