For Sale 1984 FJ60 (OHIO) 145K, 2 owner, excellent $4850

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United States
repost from earlier. Must sell. I bought a 96 80, so my 60 must go.

1984 Landcruiser Fj60 for sale: I bought the truck 2 years ago from Colorado. (Alamosa area)
* Second owner
* 145,600miles
* completely stock except for cruise control
* Orginal paint (excellent condition)
* stock wheels (tires about 50% tread)
* stock audio
* garaged kept, only driven 6K since located in Cleveland

*There are many small dings in certain areas (very front of hood, below the headlights, behind the rear mud flaps, a small dent on the lower tail gate). There is very minimal rust on the truck. The truck in in great running condition, 4 wheel drive runs strong

*Since I have owned the truck I have replaced the radiator, (had a whole in it when it was shipped from colorado) Also I just replaced the cap, plugs, wires and rotor.

*The interior is a 9 of 10, there is a small front to back crack in the dash (thin and straight), also there are 2 tears in the drivers seat, on the cloth and on the vinal. The rest of the seats are very clean and the capret is not stained or ripped.

* The exterior is also in very good condition again for the age. pictures will show. Mechanically the truck has ran strong for the 2 years I have owned it. It has oil residual on the undercarriage, but not even enough to have to add oil between changes and does not drip on ground .

*A few things not working: a/c quit working last year. I am assuming it needs the r-134 conversion and recharge. It worked great till last year. The emergency brake works fine but the light stays on. The rear tailgate lock is broke. Will open from inside but lock is stuck in the locked postion so I can't open it from the rear.

**Price is $4850 and the truck is located in Cleveland, OH. For pics search my user name or send me an e-mail and I can sent you a bunch of pics.


I have called to clarify the reason for the post of my fishy cruiser and have no anwser. For anyone else who may be interested there is nothing fishy about my truck or the sale. I am not sure the reason for the post.??? :hmm:
I'm interested, very interested. PM sent. If it's as described, I'll see you soon.
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Guys...this is the real deal! I flew to the Land of Cleves on a one way ticket. I stood outside the airport waiting for this FJ to drive up. When it did, I should have just thrown the stack of money I had at the owner. I drove it 300+ miles home and never had an issue. Everything was exactly as described except that I got a few spare spark plugs and haven't installed them...oh, and a few extra Ice scrapers. I only wanted to post to let JPSFJ know that he missed a great...and I mean that, FJ60. I've been driving it around town for two days, I'm driving it again tomorrow.

Thanks for a great deal, incredible honesty, and a fun ride home. I truly hope you land a great flight.

It is SOLD and won't be for sale again...ever.
Thanks, it will be missed but nice knowing it went to a good home. Enjoy!
thats cool, love to see sales like this one went!! I hope to have a 60 before long...

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