For Sale 1983 FJ40 Metal Hard Top $27,500 (in Colombia)

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I come across many late model FJ40s and just can not buy them all for my inventory. This truck is available now and am talking with the seller (January 23, 2015). This looks to be a good candidate for export.

This is an OMF plate truck like my first 1983 FJ40 I did a frame off restoration on. OMF means it was a government truck which means it had high miles. They also came with the factory metal hard top which is rare in Colombia.

The spec is Colombian which means 4.10 gears. 7 passenger layout. no rollbar. Has AC but no heat. I believe it has H55F five speed and disc brakes. Power steering.

Looks to be clean. You can see in the photos the color match is off on the panels but should be a rust free truck. I will do a light overhaul on this truck as I do on all my trucks for that price. Go through the mechanical, check the brakes etc. We can compression check the motor too.

Ideally we would add as an extra cost option a more original style interior that we are now doing.

The way to buy this truck is via contract with deposit. Delivery in Tampa, FL with Florida clear title in about 90 days.

Again this particular truck is not in my name or possession now but I have access to it and many others as an example. We just shipped out this week a great 1977 Nissan Patrol with 68,000 miles to a client this. We ship the trucks in insured containers. Volcan 4x4, LLC is a bonded Florida dealer $25,000 bond.

New interior we can do on the green FJ40. I think with a polish and new interior this would be a great 83 FJ40.

Couple more photos... of the green FJ40. Looks like H55F. I need to confirm though because I had bought one thinking it was H55F and turned out to be a Hilux 5 speed (good trans though). This truck would have come with an H41 4 speed.


Truck below I was talking with the seller... 160,000 miles we think. 1982 FJ40 with 4 drums and fiberglass top... all original interior.. very nice truck. More original than the green one but less options. White one needs to be upper $20,000 range too.


These are a couple of examples of late model 40s available from Colombia. We have imported 7 trucks so far and contracted 4 for clients with deposits. The benefit is the trucks are rare models and rust free plus we go through them and I personally drive them. The only difficulty is the Colombian paperwork can cause delays but our operation is getting more efficient. We took too long on that red Nissan at 120 days but that truck had a custom top made for it plus we were delayed during holiday season a bit.
How many miles on the green one?
Green one likely super high miles because it was a government truck. So far I have bought on condition of the body/frame and power on the motor and been fine on 7 trucks so far (5 LCs, one Land Rover and one Patrol). All the trucks so far have been good compression. I had some issues with this red 82 FJ43 I have in Tampa now. Has 155 to 160 engine but all the accessories have been hassles but we tackled them with new carb etc. Just replaced the alternator. Also I do things a bit different. If I contract with a buyer for $27500 and I find that the transmission is bad I replace it and the price to the customer stays the same. The cost comes out of my margin. They are sold AS IS but I have the trucks in my possession for a while either in Colombia or Tampa and if it breaks down well then I fix it before I sell it on. I have not done as is trucks for this reason because they have a lot of deferred maintenance mostly in the hubs and the brakes and I have to drive them around in Tampa and hate getting broken down. We are now pulling the carbs and rebuilding them every time and pulling the gas tank and draining and cleaning it on every truck as they often sit for a while before selling them.

I think I can get this one a bit cheaper now and sell it for less. We could keep the current interior it has. I just have too many trucks in my own inventory or I would buy this one.

These deals come and they go and it is hard catching the right timing on them and/or having the right client.

I am able to do these deals though and have 2 retail clients so far and a few dealer clients. For 2015 trying to focus on higher quality trucks that require less paintwork etc and just focus on the mechanical overhaul and get them shipped out.

Just shipped this fantastic Patrol 68,000 miles to a Patrol client. One owner all original. We had to do the custom top and some overhaul work. Took us too long at 120 days. Very special truck though.

Last year great project did this 1974 FJ43 below for a client. Repainted entire truck and overhauled it. Installed new AC. Finished and delivered in 75 days from start to finish but I was really on top of it! Client gave a deposit and 90 days later had the truck. Great truck!


The advantage of the Colombian trucks is I can find the rust free ones and we spend time overhauling them. We can do interiors and soft tops that are rare in the US. The disadvantage would be high miles in general. Also some people really prefer the US specs like disc brakes etc. Also you have to wait a bit for the truck. However if you want one in the US you have to hunt around the entire USA.

To give up a price comp I sold this one wholesale to a dealer for $31,500. This was a great truck and I could recreate the look again starting with a rough but solid truck. I probably overpaid for it and then overimproved it. I bought will all the options on it as is but then repainted both underneath and on the top floors. Kind of a cool retro look. I should have changed the 70 series lights on it. This truck had AC, header, 33 inch tires, 4 inch rough country lift (rode HARD), winch etc. 1982 I think it had 175,000 miles on it. I had zero issues with it. It always started and drank 10% ethanol gas. Did not care.

Actually here is our "Pacho" the macho we sold 1982 FJ40. Another photo. I would love to replicate this look again. I would start with another 81/82 FJ40 but I would do a lesser lift with 32 inch tires not 33s. No way do that Rough Country it rode ROUGH. Then do a nicer quality soft top on it. This one had header and 2.5 inch new exhaust. 4.10 gears and bench seat. It was QUICK and sounded great.

We can replicate the one above with this truck here. I think it is back on the market. I saw it several months ago. 1981 or 1982 FJ40. 4 drum brakes. dune beige. has soft top already. We can do a new top, sand and repaint the floors, remove the gas system, recover the seats (although they are new black denim). Has AC system under the middle of the dash (would look better to the right). Power steering.

I saw this truck myself looks like a good truck. The top is not that bad but I would be tempted to change the side panel to traditional. this one has the roll rear top like the one above. not the ambulance doors. I remember the floors were rust free but were dirty and repaired. would be nice to sand them and paint them textured like we did on the "Pacho" above. I think I have another few late model white ones too in similar solid condition. White with a tan soft top would look great.

Plenty of late model FJ40 candidates to choose from.

Got offered another white 1982 FJ40 with fiberglass top. No power steering. Looks to be a good truck I am looking to pick it up for my inventory.
Another clean 1983 FJ40 offered to me recently...

I am being offered more trucks that I can buy for my inventory. I am mostly full of FJ43s that I will be importing to the USA but I get offered plenty of later model FJ40s. Here is what looks to be a nice candidate 1983 FJ40 in white. This one is PS, AC no heat, likely 4 drum brakes, 7 passenger layout no roll bar 4.10 gears (around 55 to 60 mph cruise). The top is fiberglass. I am still around $27500 with Florida title will take about 60 days or so to import it. We go through the mechanical before we export it. We can do a soft top as an option just adds time and money. This looks to be a very clean truck.



what is the black box in the engine compartment where the heater blower motor would normally be? 16" rims, 5 speed transmission? how many kilometers? alright i'll give you a chance to get a word in..... bill
Quick unrelated question, how many fj40's can you fit in a 40 container?

Quick unrelated question, how many fj40's can you fit in a 40 container?


if you remove the front bumpers and put them almost against each other 3,if you want to ship 43's only 2 will fit.
I offered that 1983 fj40 truck to CHAS, I have not sold anything yet but I hope to soon, seems to be a good person too but I have to wait to do the first business

If this truck or the 1984 BJ43 is still available when he come back to Colombia maybe we will do our first business

no offense meant to CHAS

if you remove the front bumpers and put them almost against each other 3,if you want to ship 43's only 2 will fit.

Funny I was just calculating that 3 FJ40s would fit. The hard part is having 3 FJ40 at the same time with all the papers in order. I had to send that red Nissan by itself.
what is the black box in the engine compartment where the heater blower motor would normally be? 16" rims, 5 speed transmission? how many kilometers? alright i'll give you a chance to get a word in..... bill

Because there is no heat in the Colombian trucks alot of times they will have box there. It is a lockable tool box.
Another long and unorganized thread from me but I hope that the theme is there are great trucks in great model years to be had in Colombia... I like that hard top 83 FJ40 beige that Andres offered me.

I can still get the green 83 FJ40 posted in the thread but it is far out in the country. Green one high miles likely but nice truck. I like Andre's tan 83 better than the green one. I have not seen either in person.

I am 99% sure I am buying this 1981 FJ40 here though for my inventory for now. 1981. PS. 4 speed. New paint, soft top and interior. Gorgeous truck. Retail price asking $33900.

This one needs mechanical review and to confirm the paperwork but should be inbound soon. I love dune beige. This one needs bigger tires.

Glad I put 99% percent on the 81 beige truck because I am NOT buying this one. This beige truck I had inspected before when it was a hardtop. I liked it then but it has chassis number issues that make it too hard to export/import/title so I have to pass on it (yet again). Very soon I will be posting some FJ40s that I will definitely be bringing in and will have them under contract. Unfortunately this is the business. It is best to look at several candidates to get the right combination of papers/seller/condition etc.
Well I am down in Colombia and yes re-inspected the pretty beige soft top above and will not be buying it due to the chassis number stamp on the frame. Don't like it and am pretty sure Florida DMV won't either.

I do now have a green 1983 FJ40 under contract. I have inspected it and barring anything unusual with the papers I will have it in my name and will be overhauling and exporting it. I will likely be a lot higher than the price above but feel free to contact me I get offered plenty of 1980 and up FJ40s. It may seem frustrating but it does take looking at 10 or so to find the right one. A lot of it has to do with the seller and the papers not just the condition of the truck.

This is a 1983 FJ40 4 speed drum brakes 7 passenger truck. Japanese metal hardtop. Just like the truck I first bought and did a frame off on. This one however is in much nicer AS IS condition and practically needs no paint work.

Gets all new interior. The big issue is it needs is it has a mitsubishi power steering adaptation and cut inner fender. We will change that to all Toyota power steering. Also want to go through all the mechanical thoroughly because was likely a higher miles truck. This is a great truck though. Great model year. Color. metal top. very clean floors and body lines. I am very happy with this find.


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