1982 Pickup Project - Bobbed LWB

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1982 Toyota Pickup
Nov 12, 2008
Houston, Texas
Back in 2008, fresh out of high school, i moved to Auburn, AL for college. Met a friend who at the time had a 83 Toyota LWB pickup. Few trips out and i was hooked.
At the time, I did some searching for a truck and ended settling on a FJ40 instead and built that up from late 2008 until 2015 when I had a few years i knew i'd be moving over and over for work so I sold it to a friend in Dallas.

Old build thread:


After being without a Toyota for the last 5 years, on and off i'd do some searching for a 79-83 pickup or 84-89 4Runner.
Thursday, I happened to catch a 82 pickup just posted for sale on facebook for a good price if it was truly as advertised.
The bit of the story we got was this lady had purchased this for her ex-boyfriend years back, he built it up, left it in a shop for a couple years and couldn't pay to get it back. She paid the fees, just spent $2500 on getting work done to the drivetrain and looking to recoup that plus some of what he owed her.

Wife and i decided to make a 3.5hr drive yesterday to look at it for a potential new toy.

Ended up being a bit rougher than expected around the body and interior than advertised and for something that had been a frame off build only a few years prior looks like the seller gave up after the frame and driveline. Re-negotiated pricing and here we are.


Details from the ad:
Front end:
Grizzly Lockers
IFS steering
High steer
Six shooter knuckles and arms
Trunion elimination kit
Weld on armor and truss kits.
Trail gear shock hoops

Engine compartment:
Motor is fresh
New aluminum radiator
New header
87 5 speed
Dual T-case

Rear end:
IFS rear end
4.88 Gears
Chromoly Axles
Grizzly Locker
Disc brake conversion
Bobbed bed

All rust fixed
Corbeau Seats
New rubber floor mat
Dyna Mat in doors and floor pans
Tube doors

Re-painted when disassembled.
Bed bobbed, only a few minor rust spots showing under the paint that i could find.
Trail Gear front bumper
Marlin Crawler Sliders
35" Goodyear Kevlar MT

Someone clearly spent money in alot of the right places for off roading and this will be a good basis for a small project here and there to fix it up while keeping it drive-able.We figure this will be a fun toy for a couple years or until we run across a 1st gen 4runner to trade for.

Had to drive it home after dropping the trailer off about 40 minutes, and then drove it a few miles and started to teach the wife to drive stick.
Going 45-50 on the speedo, can take hands off the steering wheel and it drives straight.

As i begin looking online and searching the forums, i'm noticing (or not finding) any good online shops like i'm used to from the landcruiser side of things to get OEM or reproduction parts. Is any one able to share any good part sources?
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Going through this exact same issue. In fact, just today I was complaining to my old man how there are tons of companies out there that make reproduction parts for cruisers but nothing when it comes to the 79-88 pickups and 4runners. I’ve been on a fender search for the past month. No luck finding anything new that’s worth a crap. Forced to repair these crazy 80’s body lines. Insanely difficult. Facebook marketplace has been the most fruitful in finding used parts. Networking is the second best thing but this lack of readily available good parts has driven me to be a hoarder. Do I currently have 3 sets of manual locking hubs? 2 inclometers? 3 clocks and an entire spare 22re? You bet your ass I do. These trucks are dying off and becoming harder and harder to find parts for....
Sweet truck though!
These aren't too bad honestly. I literally see every body part available on eBay. Hell I ordered an original nos Toyota dash instrument cover for 80 bucks. You guys want to see zero support look pre-79 Hilux and stouts.

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