For Sale 1981 FJ60

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
updated listing above

Updated Listing for a friend. THIS IS NOT MINE, contact Gary: 404 275-5345
Located in Palmetto, Georgia

1981 White (title will come with it)
running driving vehicle with no rust or dents that I could find. Inside condition as pictures show. Underneath all have some flaking rust but nothing rusted through.
267,885 miles showing

SEE MORE PICTURES HERE: 1981 FJ60 - Chris Wade -
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Hey Chris.I used to live down the street from this dude (not Chris) and stopped by one day and chat with him. He showed them to me but I didn’t look them over. I remember being flabbergasted that he had 3 60’s and didn’t drive any of them much.
Thanks for sharing Chris. I left Gary a voicemail this morning and looking forward to hearing back.
Unfortunately all of these will be sold on bill of sale with no titles. I'm sure they will go quick to someone that intends to keep them in Georgia or is less concerned about that.
Yeah, titling in TN used to be easy with a bill of sale, but not anymore. I have had a tough time with my 1973 fj40. These rigs are well priced.
Just in from looking at these (White 81 and parts, chassis is gone). I was mostly interested in good interior parts but was willing to buy the lot, sadly the parts is mostly gutted interior with just an aftermarket drivers seat, couple door cards and bits and pieces of the dash. Body is rough with rust through in several locations on top, sides and floor. Chassis seemed pretty good, medium rust, not so bad that the rear c-channel inserts were unidentifiable (better than my own). Looks like the gem of this is the engine, it has tri-y headers and a full custom exhaust, the block has been painted (along with the interior and the center console was a custom green) which indicates to me that it's been out and apart, BJ round canister air filter relocation with carb adapter, obviously de-smogged. Guessing that it's probably a good head start on a built engine and maybe a frame to clean up for a swap.

I didn't look the White 81 over much since my main interest was the parts vehicle, but the body was in Good condition. Gutters/drip rails were all solid, no obvious rust on the fenders/under the doors, no obvious dents or dings anywhere... I'd say that it's better condition than my own. Frame was about the same as the parts vehicle, minor surface rust, rear c-channel inserts were still intact (though the most rusty of anything, like all of these), springs weren't totally flat. Interior was what you'd expect for an untouched 40y/o vehicle, headliner had a few tears, mostly around the windows, drivers seat cover was torn on both sides, didn't notice the dash. Engine appeared to be stock, though it may have been desmogged... was kinda distracted by the fact that it wasn't starting very easily (brand new fuel pump was obvious, he mentioned changing the filter out too... could have just been modern fuel, lack of starting and a non-op choke on a 45deg morning), and what sounded like a very bad exhaust leak.

Just my opinion, and I know Very little about these rigs since I've only had mine for about a month now. But I do have ~3 decades of mechanic experience, and I wouldn't say the white one would be a dependable driver as it sits. Maybe it's just something simple, maybe something a whole lot more complex... but it's just mechanics. Best deal for someone who has time to make the best of the 2 parts, the 81 body and the parts engine (maybe doing chassis work on that one then just a body swap).

Chris is good about communication and easy to deal with, so if this might be up your alley, give him a call.

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