For Sale 1980 B engine/parts

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Jun 26, 2004
east coast Canada
United States
I have a 1980 B engine. Complete unit disassembled, it can be sold complete or parts. Requires rebuild. Cylinders were scored, this was removed and ended up a clearance of .007" with the max allowed being .005". I put in a 3B so I no longer need it. Bearings were all factory spec! Crank is mint as is cam. Head had the standard cracks between valves, it did not go through coolant before disassembly and it was tested by engine shop and did not leak.

Everything is there all that is needed is wrist pin bushings, rings, precups and gaskets and it could be a great trail runner. This engine pulled very well before disassembly, just smoked a little and a knock on shut down, this is wrist pin bushings as the bearings as stated were all within spec except for the wrist pin bushings.

$200 for the whole thing or name the part you want and I will get back to you on a price.

Shipping on your dime.

What part of Canada are you located in? Could use a zip code for shipping estimate to Arizona.
Eastern Canada, Dartmouth Nova Scotia, b2w6a1

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