For Sale 1978 HJ45 Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

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Vehicle Model
  1. 45 Series
HJ45 with 12HT motor. Numerous upgrades and additions. Power breaks, power steering, lift, oldman emu, custom box, removable box cage, fold down sides, duel gas tanks PTO drive train driven ... Do not ask if there is rust, there is non! The entire truck was torn down, sandblasted, painted and reassembled. This truck has spent it's entire life in the South of France, but now resides in Halifax. I recently sold my BJ45 trophy on Bring a Trailer, and this is my last Land Cruiser. Currently finishing the console cases and painting the cage on bed. I thought I would put this on here prior to listing it on BAT. With the condition it is in, the numerous upgrades and the coveted 12HT, this should fetch
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above $50,000 on BAT. Open to offers prior to BAT listing. Would love a MUD member to enjoy it.

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As noted in the heading, $42,000. Since listing it, I have been woking on getting it ready for BAT, building the rear cage/rack and canopy, centre console, and a few other things. I actually have tried to remove the ad, but apparently it is not possible. I have a few offers very close to what I would expect, but as I put more time, energy, and money into the FJ, I will be holding true to the price. I suspect it will sell to a buyer in the US, and have offered the two previous persons who are considering purchasing it, assistance with importing, and shipping. Depending on your location, shipping will be between 1200 and 1800, and importation fees about $450, unless you use a broker, in which case it will likely cost another $500. Both offers I entertained, I also said I would provide $1000 toward either the shipping or brokerage fees to help ease the pain. As I move forward getting it BAT ready, I will for obvious reasons ask more for the FJ. Thanks!

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