For Sale 1978 Ford E250 Quadravan (Pathfinder converted 4x4 van)

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United States
SOLD to a cool cat from Montana.








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more pics

Got any pictures of the exterior and undercarriage?

I can only see the first 3 interior pics for some reason.

If a 460 fits a 4BT would do nicely.:hmm:
A powerstroke diesel in this would be king! Very nice, I like expedition vans! Not as cool as an FJ wagon though ;)
Any interest? I'm in no rush but my LX is starting to come together and I picked up a M101a1. So, I'm looking for an RTT, bumpers, winch, sliders, and arbs. Could be an interesting trade...
That's slick. I always wanted something like that. Wish I had money to burn.
Which transfer case does this have?
Price update. $3,800 OBO. I might be flexible on a deal-try me.
Bumparoo. Might be interested in trades. 2wd Toyota pickup, dual sport bike, etc. Also looking for locked axles and sliders for my LX450. It's OBO right now.
I would have thought this would have sold by now in spite of the 460 !!!

A new one is 40K or more w/o any custom interior.

This would be cool as long as one did not have to use it as a DD with a long commute........

I just noticed the remote filter mounted next to the winch !! I assume this is for the engine ??!! Interesting place for a filter.....easy as pie to change !!!
Price drop-$3500. Yes, it makes a great rig for a lot of things if you don't have to commute in it everyday and are not in a hurry. We use it a a lot for car camping, hunting, desert cruising, ski parking lot BBQs, etc. It tows great (460).

The oil filter is relocated and does make oil changes easy. If I were keeping it, I would flip the filter. It's not a huge deal but you spill a little when you take it off. If the other way, zero spills.

I had to fight a bunch of offers to get it. Now, not too many bites. Maybe the economy? Gas prices were actually higher when I got it. And I've done a bunch of maintenance and repairs including having the transmission rebuilt. And, I've chased down all the electrical ground gremlins so that frustration is over. The way I set up the dual battery is cool. You can run the radio off either the drive or switch to house so you are not at risk of draining the main.

I would keep this but as many here know, now that my 450 is where I want it, I just don't drive the van that much. It's hard to justify two winched and lifted vehicles. Plus, I just finished my M101a1 which lets me haul all the gear I need so the van sits most of the time. I take it out once a week for a couple miles just to keep the old girl happy.
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I can't believe someone is not all over this thing...
Some tire kickers but no sale yet. Anyone want to offer $3,200?
$3,000? Lining up a car trade next week but would prefer the cash before that happens.

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