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Nov 9, 2006
Chicago, Illinois
Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
60558 Western Springs Illinois, United States
1977 FJ40 - Great Mechanical Condition
  • Asking $9,450
  • Clean 1977 title (matching engine compartment VIN# tag), 1982 frame & rebuilt 1984 2F engine
  • Approximately $20,000 invested ($17,690.06 in hard copy receipts).
  • You could drive this truck home today and make it a great weekend warrior off roading and work truck. Or you could set it up in the garage, replace the tub and restore it to a true classic!
  • The truck has been in garage storage for the past 12 years. I simply don’t have the time to give the body the attention it needs and deserves, and want to find a new owner that will allow this classic truck to be enjoyed on a more consistent basis. I am open to negotiate a fair price with someone who can appreciate the value of the great mechanical condition of the truck and the value of all the upgrade parts that have been added over the years. My loss is going to be your gain!
  • Lights, gauges, wipers, heater, etc. all work. No power steering.
  • Early 2000 Kenwood CD sound system with 6 speakers. Two front speakers are mounted in the cabin in case you want to take the front doors off and thereby loose access to the speakers installed in the doors.
  • Original seats; rear jump seats are in solid condition; Front seats need to be reupholstered.
  • 15” wheels with LT Radial A/S Comanche M+S tires are in operable condition, but need to be replaced. Brand new SS lug nuts never installed.
  • With the engine rebuild, the truck can solidly handle 75mph on the highway.
  • Original hardtop and rear ambulance doors were removed shortly upon purchase of the truck and the soft top and have been stored in the garage attic.
  • Regular tune-ups and maintenance was performed until the truck went into storage starting in 2007. During garage storage, the truck was driven three times a year to keep the engine functioning and parts lubricated. Gas tank kept full with stabilizer added.
  • The rust on the tub is “stabilized”. All the rust was cut back to clean metal and then the edges primed and painted. The rust on the passenger door and passenger running board is “active”. The chalky texture seen in various locations is wax build up on the orange peel paint finish.
  • The truck is listed for sale on multiple online venues. Serious buyers are welcome to test drive the truck. I will accept cash, cashier’s check, or money order only. I am not able to coordinate shipping for a non-local buyer. I can drop off the truck at a local shipper coordinated by you. Payment is required in full at the time of purchase or upon drop off at a shipper.
  • Hard copies of all parts receipts are available.
  • I can send additional photos of any specific areas of the truck for serious buyers.

  • Inline 6 cylinder, 4.2 liter engine.
  • 4 speed manual with 2-High, 4-High and 2-Low gear box.
  • Approximate 166,000 miles at purchase; currently 194,873 miles.
  • Clean 1977 title (matching engine compartment VIN tag)
  • Frame #FJ40-345176 = 1982

Professionally Rebuilt Engine & Transmission = Summer 2000 = paid $7,102.25 (material & labor)
  • Work executed by TLC Performance, Lancaster, OH
  • Approximately 26,000 miles on the rebuilt engine.
  • Rebuilt 1984 engine block utilized for rebuild; the close-chamber design with flat top pistons results in a higher compression ratio resulting in more power and better MPG than pre-1981 engines with open-chamber and domed piston design.
  • Retained 1977 intake manifold.
  • New cylinder head, bare casting, with OS stainless Chevy valves and hardware.
  • Rebuilt 1977 fuel pump.
  • New electronic distributor.
  • Rebuilt ignitor and coil assembly.
  • Rebuilt fuel pump & oil pump. Installed new fuel lines and filter.
  • Installed PCV and crankcase breather system.
  • Installed OEM air cleaner and cold air hose.
  • New radiator, cap and hoses.
  • Rebuilt Transmission:
    • All new bearings, synchros, and 1-2 shift hub.
    • Transfer case rebuilt with new bearings, seals, hi-lo shift fork, and speedo gear.
    • Clutch master cylinder rebuilt with hard kit.
  • Rebuilt 1981 carburetor.
  • Reconnected manual choke.
  • Installed 82C thermostat and housing.
  • Installed new throttle pedal and linkage.
  • New fan belt.
  • Installed new hot water heat riser.
  • Installed remanufactured brake master cylinder.
  • Replaced rear wheel brake cylinders and shoes; installed new brake line.
  • TPI Land Cruiser Smoky Mountain Suspension system = paid $1,282.68
    • With extension kit = paid $64
    • Results in a “rough” ride on the road, but great for towing or off roading. A leaf can be removed from rear springs to lighten the suspension.
  • Specter Off-Road TigerTop by Bestop with doors = paid $600
  • Specter Off-Road Bikini Top = paid $60
  • Windshield mounted Side view Mirrors; not currently installed.
  • OEM Locking Hubs on both front wheels
  • Rhino Linings Interior by Rhino Linings of DuPage = paid $767.17
    • Underside maintained with WaxOyl Underbody Hardwax
  • Remanufactured alternator. = paid $300
  • Grill Guard, Rubber Bumper Guards, Fog Lamps & Tow Hooks
  • Diamond Tailgate Panel = paid $100
  • Rear Bumperettes = paid $60
  • Specter Off Road Tuff Floor Mats
  • 2000 Kenwood KBC Sound System = paid $321.09
  • Passenger dashboard grab bar; not installed.
  • New washer fluid spray head (hood mounted).
  • New water pump assembly.
Auxiliary Parts:
  • Original jack and rods are on hand, just not currently mounted in the truck.
  • Original ‘decals’ are on hand, not installed due to rust.
  • Original AC unit; blower, pump, brackets; worked in 1999; removed due to lack of need.
  • Original Weber carburetor; functions.
  • Extra cabin heater parts; current center console cabin heater works.
  • Original starter.
  • Original water pump; functional.
  • Original sun visors; not currently installed as they don’t look good with soft-top.
  • Original antenna; one of the two brackets cracked; antenna was taken off and not reinstalled.
  • Rear rubber floor mat; carpet mat currently in use.
Nov 9, 2006
Chicago, Illinois
More photos; engine compartment, jump seat, hard top, side panels and soft top doors stored in garage, and rear ambulance doors stored in garage.


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