For Sale 1977 FJ40 Red Hardtop $23,900 inbound from Colombia

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United States
I wanted to offer something more affordable as most of my trucks have been either 1980 and above FJ40s or FJ43s. The benefit is it makes them more rare in the US market but also leads to higher prices.

After purchasing over 10 trucks I learned that condition trumps model year and options. One of my best trucks was a 1974 FJ43 in gray with F engine and 3 speed and manual steering.

This 1977 FJ40 here I believe is a similar truck and rather than put big tires on it and a soft top and correct vinyl interior and push the retail price to $30,000 I decided to offer it this way.

Truck is listed here on for $23900 FIRM but I would love to sell a truck to MUD member as I have not done so yet.

This truck has...

1. Very nice uncut body with good lines and CLEAN floors and shiny black chassis
2. original 3 speed manual (Colombian spec 1976 and 1977 sometimes came with 3 speeds)
3. 7 passenger layout no roll bar
4. new cloth interior (we can put black vinyl if you wish)
5. high quality Colombian made fiberglass hard top
6. 4 drum brakes no heat no air (there is a $600 or so kit in Largo, FL)
7. we will inspect the hubs and brakes and review the truck as we do with all our trucks
8. clean Florida title with delivery in Tampa, FL. we can assist with shipping.
9. Power steering was later added using Toyota parts
10. tires are 245/75/16 michelin nearly new on 16 inch split rims

I can add 4 speed, bigger tires, black interior, custom tan soft top too just costs a bit of time and some money as an option. This is a great truck to enjoy as it is.

Great looking truck.
I have this one under contract so it is coming pending Colombian paperwork. This is really actually the best truck of the bunch I am looking at right now (I just decided to turn down the yellow FJ43 due to condition). I am so tempted to put bigger tires on it and a soft top on it.

We are going to put the original style black vinyl interior in it.

Here some more pics of the floors... Look at those rear floors! last photo is the front floors they have slight texture to them.

Some people dont like the 3 speed but when I drove my earlier one I just took off in 2nd and went to 3rd. never used 1st.

This 77 is my public service address for potential FJ40 buyers... dont look at tires and accessories buy a truck that has good chassis/body then next the mechanical.

Looks like they did a good job replacing that rear floor.
I honestly have not looked at it enough to say whether it is original or replacement. Usually if you pick a good Colombian truck the worse case is it has 2 small repairs up front and just the rear sill. The tub looks original to me from the sides as it has the factory "dimples". The other thing I like is if you look at the trucks I have done they have shiny black frames on them. No undercoating or heavy paint build up. This truck I am going to go ahead and improve it and likely bump the price up. I just drove it and it drives well. Steering is way off like all of them but we will address that. Just put an all new black interior in it. Also just bought a nicer quality hard top and will put bigger tires on it. This is a very clean truck.

Here is a nice looking 1982 FJ40 hard top with 32 inch tires (not for sale). I actually ended up buying this nicer hard top off his truck, will switch it to my 77 and may paint match the sides in red. If you notice his hard top has the little vents up front. The camo Land Rover is super fun.

Well I had a day to drive this truck and really inspect it properly. Also had my body guy and mechanic go through it. It is a very clean truck as I thought but does have some defects which I will either address or disclose. The GOOD... very clean rust free truck. yes the rear floors were likely repaired. Super clean underneath. Lots of new shiny bolts. The paint is very nice. Engine is strong and the 3 speed shifts well. Steering is way off but we will fix that. I found a different model nicer fiberglass hard top that I am going to paint match the sides and rear doors. The interior is now brand new and very nice. Buying 5 new restored white wagon wheels (from Toyota 70 series). Put 5 new nice mud tires on it.

The BAD... Truck has Dodge power steering pump and box below. Why the Colombians don't use original Toyota when they adapt the power steering I have no idea. They have the parts here. It does drive well though and the mechanic says it looks fine. The steering arm is welded. Will decide whether I keep it or not. I personally prefer manual steering now after dealing with leaky Toyota units or changing Chevy/Dodge units back to Toyota.

The hood is badly aligned and the hood tie downs are waaay back but we will fix that. The passenger fender is out of whack and not perfect but will adjust it. There are some dimples along the tub sides where they tried to I am guessing make them look like original dimples. Annoying but I may leave them alone as the truck is well painted and I don't want to repaint the entire truck.

We are going to sand and repaint the rails and front windshield. Some minor rust here nothing too bad.

This is now officially my for sale/build thread. I will probably blow my budget and price of $23,900 but the truck is really very good and deserves the investment.

If someone comes along and wants this truck it is best to do it now because I can add AC or some other options while it is still in Colombia.

The trucks get UGLY before they get pretty again. In a few weeks this will be a different truck altogether.

Sadly the 16 inch split rim are out of whack and have some rust so I can't use them. I am getting some restored 70 series wagon wheels and painting them white and balancing them with some Maxxis 31 inch mud tires. We are painting the sides of the hard top red. Will paint the nice roof rack black.



The rails not rusty. There is some rust on the inside rail we will scrape it and paint it. I go the extra step to take these tops off and check for this. new gaskets and new bolts go on.
Dodge power steering adaptation. I much prefer all Toyota. The truck was original a manual steering truck. I had 80 series Toyota PS put into a Nissan Patrol and it worked out very well. chassis is super clean.


Hood tie downs waaay too far back. The Colombians love to put 70 series turn lamps on these trucks and when they restore them back to original they forget to put the tie downs back forward. annoys me to no end. We are going to fix this plus look at that gap in the hood. Looks like the hinge needs to be replaced. The general bodywork is good though along with the paint and the floors which is why I bought this truck.

Love those tires.

Love these rims but glad I checked them. Very uneven and the new paint hid some rust. Clients want original look but I think I won't be sending any more with the split rims. They are just nearly impossible to balance. I will try these 70 series 15 inchers one more time but likely will have to buy the new hub cap rims and new tires in the USA in the future. Tires are expensive in Colombia but I like to have the trucks finished so I can promote them plus drive them with their new tires/rims. FYI the local ambulances used split rims until just recently but it is still very hard to find good condition ones and Toyota went to a 5 bolt pattern at some point. My tire guy is finding me 5 good 15 inch wagon wheels and repainting them for me. we will see how they turn out.

Shame those 16 inch wheels look GREAT with 265/75/16 all terrain tires on them!

Well here is the before pic. Let's see how she turns out in 2 weeks. I am hoping to time it so that I have all the paperwork at the same time the truck is finished. This newer top has the front black vents in it and 6.5 inch speakers in the ceiling which is why I like it better.

Truck started overhaul this weekend. Pulled the fiberglass top off and they will scrape/sand/repair the surface rust along the rail and windshield. This truck is not too bad. Every single hard top truck I have done has had this surface rust. The benefit of going this extra step is that there will be no rust to creep along into the tub and if you want to take the top off it will be easier. Will put new gasket and all new bolts and sleeves. It is a 3 man job to take the top off but comes off pretty easily. These are 30 year old tops but very high quality fiberglass and functional. Top gets sides and rear doors paint matched in red too. The luggage rack will be painted black.

Manana manana so they say down here in hot Colombia. Truck is getting overhauled. I bumped the price to $26,900 but will leave it here for $23,900. Truck gets 5 restored white wagon wheels painted cream white. These are from a 70 series and nearly identical to the 1980 and up FJ40 US spec wheels. Bought 5 new AT tires Bridgestone Revos. I love the little luggage rack. We painted it black. Hard top is now paint matched and has all new glass and weather stripping. the rear corner windows are new plastic/plexiglass (that is how they come). Front drum brakes were not original so they are getting tossed and replaced with new. They are going through the front hubs now. The manual hubs are nearly new AVM. And all the threads were too short for the hubs/wheels. Putting all new ones. Adding 4 new Tokico shocks. These are oil not gas but in my experience they ride the best.

This is going to be a sharp little FJ40. Likely will spend 30 days total on the overhaul. Those chrome bolts need to be switched to the gold ones to match the truck. This truck has some defects but the positives outshine the negatives.

Hood tie downs corrected. Pictures are dark and the truck is filthy. In a few days I hope to have completed photos.

Body wise this truck has gloss black frame and overall very nice paint inside and out with new shiny tropicalized/ gold bolts everywhere. There are some slight defects on the body work including those dimples along the rear sides of the tub (you can see here). Also this passenger fender is a little misaligned. There are a few waves in the doors where the body work was not done 100% (no rust though). Overall the body lines and paint quality are good especially for a sub $30,000 FJ40.


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