For Sale 1977 FJ40, 125K, Castle Rock, CO - $2,500 OBO

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United States
Sold - 8-28-13

This rig is back on the market. I was going to sell it a couple years ago. I'm not sure the best way to re-list a vehicle, but please use the original thread for communication, comments, and questions just to keep everything in one place. The thread is here. Thanks.

Best laid plans and all that, it turns out that in the past couple years I never got around to doing much more than moving it to the driveway and driving around the neighborhood a few times. Now that I got a new job and have to move, my family has come to terms that there is no time or space for the FJ40. Sad but true. On the plus side, here's a good opportunity for someone to take on a project that shouldn't be too difficult. This truck has some problems for sure: needs new tires, new steering box and new main bearings. The good: it starts and runs, some rust but it's not horrible.

I have a tow bar (included) so you can tow it home and get to work right away I wouldn't try to drive it on the road. I'll consider reasonable offers, but $2,500 seems fair. I trust you all will let me know if it is not.

I've added a few update pictures (Updated pictures at: Picasa Web Albums - John - 1977 FJ) and the previous listing here should give all the background and details.


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If it could make it back to Michigan I would jump on it - I will be back home in Colorado this weekend for a quick trip. GLWS!!!
Sold - 8-28-13

Thanks for all the interest and support.

I'm happy it went to a TLCA and Rising Sun member. Hopefully now it will get the attention it deserves.

Farewell old friend. Lots of great memories go with that truck.

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