1976 hj45 wont start...... just clicking inside cabin

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Oct 15, 2013
So Cal
So the truck is in mexico...not the best place for a toyota... battery is 100% charged and tested. When he holds the key back for 10 seconds he hears a click from the box.... he turns the key forward... the same rectangular box clicks inside the cabin but there is no crank.

Starter relay?

The wiring shown has been re-done (wire wrap). Electrical components added/substituted/relocated?

Best bet is to ask the guy that did this, or else troubleshoot the ignition system. Look for hidden splices and areas in the wiring loom goobered-up with wads of black electrical tape as in your photo.
Maybe the ignition starter switch is failing. Have you tried to move the ignition to the start position. And use a remote starting switch to to start it?

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The the other question I have is when you move the ignition back does it activate the glow plugs. I guess what I'm asking does the glow plug controller light up like toaster?
Sorry for the delay in response. I will order the remote starter. This is the box that is clicking. I told my father to take it to the parts shop and see if they ha e a universal whatever it is.

Thanks for the help gentlemen


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