1976 Fj40 FOR SALE (WA)

United States
As hard as it is to do i must sell my baby, Here are some specs of the 1976 fj40,


-Chevy 350 with aprox 55 k miles
-Edelbrock 4 barrel carb
-Headers and dual exhaust, bent behind rear tires
-edelbrock valve covers
-K&N air filter
-Many new parts
-Stock 4 spd tranny
-Clutch is good
-Brakes are good
-New steering components
-Lock right locker in rear diff
-155k miles on rig not engine
-Strong mechanically and runs great


-Hard top
-New Corbeau baja ultra ss seats with 4pt harnesses
-Full roll cage
-custom tachometer
-Herculined interior
-Winch controls wired into cab
-Overall the interior is in good shape
-Body has newer stock red paint, looks good
-Small rust spots in rear quarter panels


-skyjacker 4" lift
-5, 33x12.5 bfg mudd terains that are brand new!
-Lots of flex off road but on road stable and comfy ride


-Lots of extra parts
-custom jerry can holder
-Front end tow package
-Custom front bumper with Warn Winch (Its an older model 8274 something)

This rig is my daily driver and my pride and joy I have put all my time and money into it and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I know i forgot tons of stuff so just ask. I will try to get some pictures of it soon so in a few days i can email some pics.

PRICE: $8,000

Ricky Burrows
Gig Harbor Wa (near seattle)
253 265 8369
Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
Can't believe LandPimp hasn't bought this yet. Thought he owned all the cruisers in Gig Harbor :D
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
[quote author=fj40crusher link=board=7;threadid=8249;start=msg69989#msg69989 date=1070338135]
Can't believe LandPimp hasn't bought this yet. Thought he owned all the cruisers in Gig Harbor :D

I know Ricky and his folks. Almost bought his moms fj40 last year. Pulled Ricky out of the mud once this year, helped his mom when her 40 ran out of gas on the side of the road and wouldnt start up a few months ago. Their good folks :)

I havn't looked at Ricky's 40 close up.

and there are LOTS of Cruisers in the Harbor. Just ran into a kid a Dairy Queen, he said "nice Cruiser, my dad has a fj45 pickup" I said is it white, he live on Cliff Ave, got it on Ulse Rd? "yep" I said...........I'm the one found it for him and drew him a map of where it was. Was driving the 45 one day, crazzy SOB jumped in front of it and said "thats my dream car" so I drew him a map on where to find his. its a 45 shorty, non removable top, $1200.

there were 7 Cruisers at my office when I came back........80/100 and one 62

Mar 31, 2003
I tried to atach pics but the file was to big soemail me and i will send you some.


Ricky Burrows
76 fj40 (for sale)

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