1971 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

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United States
1971 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 White with Tan interior. 4speed on the floor with factory straight six "F" engine under the hood. Front Disc brakes, power steering, recent alternator and exhaust. Full rollcage, front bull bar with brush guard and safari fender bars. Factory spare tire carrier, 4" suspension lift by pinnacle engineering from JTO, greasable con-ferr shackles, and 33" Geolander MT's. Weber Carb and Optima red top. Please contact me with questions or for more pics.

-----SOLD ----

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Good price! It should go pretty fast depending on rust or soft top availability. I bought a '70 for $2800.00 and am still pouring money into it!

Just throwing it out there.... It does have a bikini top, a hard top and two sets of hard doors. The hard top and doors need to be painted to match the vehicle. Some of you had noticed the fast-track mounting hardware for an old kayline soft top on the rig. I no longer have the soft top...

The rear tub was redone about 4yrs ago. some rust was cut out and sheet metal welded back in. Fiberglass was used instead of "bondo" body filler to smooth out transitions. --this seems to be the biggest point of interest. And obviously if it were perfect without ever having rust, I would be asking more.

As it sits, there is no rust due to the aforementioned work. I drive it on the weekends, have never had it above 62mph, I have no idea why some ask "how is it @ 70mph", and "what kind of gas milage do you get". My answers are..I dont know...and..I don't know. I have never seen the need to find out either. If she goes out of state, I would suggest trailering it.

She is not a show truck...she could be a daily driver if someone was in good with a chiropractor..but she IS a really nice weekend driver / play toy that I have kept in my garage.

It has leaked two quater sized drops on my garage floor since I moved into my new home las august.

I HOPE this clears up some questions about it.

ALSO ----- I AM selling her THIS WEEK (no one lined up YET). So the first person to put up 5250 drives off with it.

Again, contact via email

Thanks guys

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