For Sale 1968 FJ40 in Colorado with TONS of parts $5500

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Monte Vista, Colorado 81144 United States
So the background on this FJ40 was that it was in perfect running order 10 years ago. Was a daily driver. Motor had only 2000 miles on it and the FJ was wrecked. Avoiding a deer on the road it went nose first into a ditch. Front frame horn is bent, but doesnt need a full frame replacement IMHO. Although I do have a full frame and extra set of axles that goes with it. This is the last of my FJ40s so Id like to sell it along with a LARGE pile of parts. Heaters, air cleaners, front grills, doors, headliners, headlight bezels, hubcaps, driveshafts, axles, you name it and its probably in the pile. No, I dont want to sell the parts seperately. Id like to just sell the whole lot. This vehicle runs and drives. Could wheel it now, or work on straightening the panels and making it nice. Up to you. I have clear title. $5500 for FJ with extra frame, axles, and parts.






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