1966 Project FJ45 LWB

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Eco 45

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Mar 10, 2007
Base of the Three Sisters Mountains Oregon
United States
I picked this truck up from Georg (Orangefj45) some time back with big plans unfortunately I have big plans for a lot of different rigs so I need to thin the heard so I can spend more time getting them road worthy then looking at them. Truck is a 1966 sitting in rattle can primer. Body is in good condition and has boxes--and I do mean boxes of parts to go with. Only thing different from when I bought the truck is that is has different door that are in good shape---need to rob the doors for an earlier project.

In addition I am going to include all the mechanicals that I recently pulled from by Blue SWB 45 (https://forum.ih8mud.com/fj45-owners-club/359278-swb-45-build-expedition.html) which I drove for roughly 500 miles so I know things work. This includes engine, transmission/ transfer case, axles, hard brake lines, shocks, springs--well you get the point.

Mud price is $5,500.00 and the truck is located in Bend, OR. I can assist with transporting the project for 90 cents a mile up to 750 miles from my place. Thanks Scott

Additional Photos: Project 45 #1

Here are even more goodies that go along with the truck that came from the blue SWB I just completed:

Almost Friday Bump!!:beer:
Still for sale and all parts in the photos are included!
I am surprised it has not sold. If I weren't trying [unsuccessfully I might add] to thin my own herd, I'd buy this just as an investment.
The PMC Swap Meet looks like fun, however it is over 500 miles from me so I think I will pass.

Mark you know you want another project! Just ask permission from the boss--might help to take her to dinner first.
Deposit taken on the truck---will update once the truck has left with a new owner or becomes available again.

Well the truck was picked up by its new owners even with a wild fire rapidly approaching our area. Nothing like the true dedication of a Toyota owner to be loading his new truck while tanker trucks are driving by and slurry bombers are flying just over head. I will let the new owner post up when they reach their destination.

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