1965-66 FJ-45lv parts

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Jul 10, 2006
North Pole, AK
United States
I have decided to part my 45lv's to help other projects. I am located in Fairbanks, Alaska, so please keep that in mind as anything bigger than a flat rate box will cost you.
I have pretty much an entire rig between the two of them, so let me know what you want, and I'll PM you if I have it and the price. I'm not looking to rip people off, and really just want to see other people's projects get a little closer. These rigs are for sale locally, so they may be gone at any time. I'll include some pics of the rigs in question.
Here's a small list of what I know I have(by far not comprehensive):
Original 1 barrel carb
Intake/ Exhaust Manifolds
2 sets of doors, exterior handles, 1 interior handle
window regulators, glass
Rear seat
Misc. switches
Lots of interior parts
3 horn buttons

I know I DON'T have:
Rear door "Toyopet" handle
Flip up cowl
Wiper switch
Window handles (I do have all the internal hardware though)
Interior rear view mirror
Stock Front or Rear bumpers.
Wing window rubbers
Nothing I have is brand new, so keep that in mind and I'll be happy to shoot you a pic or two of what you want.

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I'd take the 1 barrel carb, should fit in a flat rate box USPS. PM a price.
I am looking for the brackets that hold the rear seat when it folds back ( passanger side ) I will get some pictures today.

Yeah, definitely throw me up a pic or two of those brackets. I'm not sure what they look like.

do you have 2 of the upper tailgate locking struts(with the knobs)? Also may be interested in the upper tailgate hinges.
Do you by any chance happen to have the right hand side upper tail gate support and spare wheel bracket ?

Can yous end me a pic of that upper tail gate support? I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for there. I'll look for a spare wheel bracket, but I'm 90% sure I do not have one.

Il take em

That looks good. I will take the filler neck and toyota emblem.

got the box today, Thanks. Paul
I sent a pm but just for reference this is the part I want. I also need one interior pull handle for the front doors. Not the latch handle but the one that is fixed to the top of the door below the window.
It's a sad day. Sold both FJ-45s' Anybody that has ordered parts, or contacted me regurading parts will get what they ordered. I'll post up a consolidated list of what I have left in the hear future. Thanks for the interest.


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