17" DIY beadlocks

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Jun 17, 2004
Thought I'd share a few pics of the new locks.




That is one sweet looking 80! :cheers:
Thank you!

The tires are 37x13.50x17 Toyo M/T's.

The wheels are 17x8.5, 4.5" of BS. From Summit Racing, soft 8 American Racing.

The locks are made local, you pick a design and he has them lasered out on the table. They are $200 without hardware.
Have had good luck with G5 in these applications.
you had to weld the inner ring to the wheel?
Hey VinSil, out of curiosity what lift/etc are you running?
It is, thanks for stepping up Chad. ;)

Yes, the inner ring is welded on. I did not do that, the guy who cuts the rings TIG'd them on for me, then had them powder coated.

And yes, Chad...you need this as well! Let me know when you have a bit of extra cash and time, I'll get Brandon to make you a great deal as well!
did he just weld the inner ring to the wheel as is, or did he cut off part of the latter before that?
Just weld the ring to the wheel. The inner ring is cut so it sits right up against the lip and flush. Weld it, then paint/powder coat and move on. It is a simple process.
You can always man whore. :D
I can see your point. ;)

Well...I'll help you get some locks one way or another. I gotta grease the wheels for the CC membership.

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