16 inch Tesla Style Android Head unit

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Jun 3, 2019
Bathurst NSW Australia
I have just installed a 16 inch Tesla Style android head unit.
I am generally happy with this unit. Couple teathing problems that I am still sorting with supplier. Biggest issue is getting the unit to recognise that it is in a right hand drive vehicle.

My question to other users is to do with audio when using 3rd party navigation software.
In Australia, HEMA explorer is a great app when in remote areas. I have installed this in the android unit but the audio cuts out.
I cannot listen to any music from radio or blue tooth while the app is running.
I have to talked to the app supplier and they say there app works fine on other android deveices.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and if so did you resolve it?

I am only new to android, so hoping there is a set up option or maybe installing the app differently might solve the issue.

I can't help with the issues but would like to see pictures if you can arrange that.

In Australia are the HVAC controls through the nav screen or separate? (I guess pictures could answer this)

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