14th Annual Hoosier Hoedown (sometime in late August, probably) (1 Viewer)

When? (Choose all weekends that work for you, not just your favorite one...)

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Sep 26, 2004
Homer Glen, IL
Pay no mind to the fact that the Hoosier Cruisers are just a distant, beautiful memory alive now only in the corners of my spank bank. Pay no mind that we are mostly Illinoisians and our hardcoreness knows no border.

Where: Badlands
When: TBD
Lodging: A field behind a sign reading Klumpe Campground. Has primitive and hookups.

Arrival will likely be Friday (but some have come in on Thursday in the past). Departure- whenever you want, most choose Sunday.

Wheeling might be Friday and Saturday, might just be Saturday... Arrival at the park is usually after a late morning and a breakfast in town, so lets say 11. If you want to wheel earlier, then go yourself! And don't do that thing where you sit in the parking lot for two hours waiting for us and then point your ugly mug at us like we are your f***ing tour guide! Sorry not sorry.

Fee's- we don't charge fees for stupid crap you don't want or care about. And if you care about SWAG this may not be the "event" for you...

TLCA membership- If you have one, you can't come.

Food- I wouldn't be surprised if the more culinary inclined members of our non-club whip something up for fun, but don't count on it. In other words, bring a bag of beef jerky and a hot dog.

Raffle- Sometimes we remember to bring the crappiest things found in our garage, and if we get the chemistry just right in Tony, he may stand in front of us and let us know who needs what.

Family Friendly? -NO! Keep them entitled little vagina ruiners at home or the kennel.

That's probably enough for now...
Apr 8, 2009
New Lenox, IL
I'll break the silence... And I'll be there.

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