12v alternator for 3B?

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Dec 20, 2004
Well I'm down to the point I need to replace/rebuild my alternator. Less than 1v increase at battery when running. I've searched the forum high and low but can't seem to find a definitive answer as to either a source for a new/rebuilt alternator or parts to rebuild mine. I tried alternatorparts.com and they say they don't have the parts to rebuild it. Or they were just too lazy to look into it.

I've got an 83 BJ-42 RHD 12v cruiser. I've seen someone refer to this alternator as a possible replacement Part No. 1227101HI Replaces Hitachi LR170-418B

I'd be willing to try this but the oil lines would be an issue. Any tips?
Where are you located? We use Nathan at ASI in Abbotsford B.C 604-864-2198
He is a small one man show and doesn't mind spending the time to source parts and find solutions
for people with older less common Alternators etc.
He has been able to help a few folks out that were striking out with their bigger US Auto electric shops.

I'm in Dallas TX so I was hoping to find something in the U.S. but I don't mind giving business to someone who'll take the time to help us less fortunate cruiser heads out. ;)

Does he have and email address?
I have sourced some parts at cruiserparts.net in the US. Also with Steven at EBI cruiser parts in BC (877) 299-3540. The guys in BC seem a bit more familiar with your issue imo. If you find a good source, please post it up.

Have you tried CCOT? Their local and maybe can point you in the right direction.

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