For Sale 100 series take off items. 3rd row seat, running boards,roof rack

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Jun 21, 2016
North Carolina
United States
hey all,

I have some nice take off parts from an 04. Will fit other year LC and LX

3rd row seats. $400

Running boards and brackets. $200

Roof rack $150

TV headrests in matching leather. $400

Local pick up near ATL is best. 30025
PM Sent to you.
Any chance you'd be willing to sell off a single headrest from the 3rd row seats? Thanks
Thanks jfrench, but I better keep this pristine set together for someone looking to complete their kid hauler....
If you change your mind I'll pay more than it's worth ;)

Out of curiosity, have the TV headrests sold? How do they work? Just an input signal from a DVD player? What about sound...headphones or through factory speakers? Add me to the "lots of interest" list, especially if buying the TV headrests gets me closer to getting a 3rd row headrest.
im interested in pretty much all of it. need 3rd row seats, running boards, and would prob buy the head rests as well.

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