Wanted 100 Series center console lid, any condition/color

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Aug 15, 2016
Orlando, FL
United States
I lost the latch to my center console lid for my LC 100 when I was recovering it. Looking for a console lid, don't care about color or condition as long as the latch works. Let me know what you've got if you can help.

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I can buy a new tan one for $110 from Toyota parts overstock. Thank you for the reply, though.

One with leather new is over $340 retail !! I sold one for $29 a month ago! ;)
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I am well aware of them as I stock all cool cruiser parts. ;) The picture shown is a different console than US spec 100 series. I could care or less what you buy but just so you know to save you some headache later :D US model has the narrow lid as we love hand rest. JDM, Euro, and other countries get the wider console plus fridge with no hand rest. Just so you know the part you are looking for that is $110 has been discontinued. Try place the order and see what they respond. Try Ebay or part out on mud for a used one, most salvage yard does not sell just the lid, they sell the complete console. But it doesn't hurt to try. Good luck.
Any way you look at it, I'm not in any rush, so paying $100 for a used, probably beat up lid makes little sense to me. I'm patient, I will find someone selling for a reasonable price.

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