1 tons or not?

Mar 11, 2006
Minden, NV
Good choice I think. When I went 1 tons in my TJ it's because the junkyard was having a $29 u-pull-it axle special and I managed to snow the front desk into giving me a 14 bolt and a front 60 for $29 each. So I started cheap too...

You're right though, it's a slippery slope and soon I had a vehicle I was still making payments on but I couldn't drive it but on the trails on the weekend, LOL!
TRUE DAT!. I had access to Dana 60's. Did it and then had to replace the tranny and T case. It gets real ugly real fast when you start doing big changes. Of course the best part of was all the metric to standard conversions in plumbing and the like. Worth it now but a long journey to get there. I would buy the axles and hold onto them. Then you can do little upgrades while they are on the floor. Makes it easier. Then later on you can throw them under something.
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