01' LX470 - AHC: rear too high

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Dec 25, 2008
Hi there,

I think my LX rear sits a bit high. Pictures taken are already in "N' position.

I also adjusted the Rear Height sensor and cleaned it and tested it
using the 3AA Battery test. Everything came out ok was was just off a little voltage.

As you can see the rear sensor is already adjusted to it's maximum
lowest position. (Next post)

There is another hole on the arm which I could transfer the link
that would make it lower. I'm just not sure if this 2nd hole is
really for that purpose.

Could this be a defective Rear Height sensor? It still moves up and
down when I adjust it. It's just that the "N" position it still too high.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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It looks like somebody tampered/adjusted the rear AHC sensor. Loosen and slide the lower bolt/nut down. Don't move the upper bolt.
I did that already. Moving it down will increase the height more. Look at the image of the PDF from Toyota TIS. If you move the slider UP it goes to LOW position and moving it DOWN make it go to HIGH position.
I repeat... Move the sensor down. The PDF might be showing it's orientation differently than when on the vehicle.
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hoser: THANKS A MILLION! It worked! I lowered the arm and my LX is back to normal. Phew.

thanks again hoser! Appreciate you feedback. If it were not for this I would have bought a new sensor and replaced my AHC fluid already.

Have a great day!
Glad to help. So, did you have a problem with the rear sensor and cleaning fixed it or were you just fooling around with it? ;)
Hi Hoser,

I was just fooling around with it. I opened it to check and and when I replaced it back I moved it to lowest position and the LX went to high so I moved it to the Upper position and it lowered a bit. Then I found it a bit high and posted my problem here. Thanks so much! It's weird that the PDF is not that accurate. I even printed it out and put the sensor beside to check the orientation.

If not for your tip I would have already ordered a bnew sensor and also try to fluid change.

I have the same problem with my 2002 Lx470. But when I checked the rear sensor control, it is already in the lower position. When I select "L", It moves to L position. When I select "N" It moves up. But I can see it's too high for "N" position. Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks!:crybaby:
I would first measure the rear fender lip to the bottom of the wheel and see if you are "really" off in height. If you are high (hehe), then I'd remove and test the rear height sensor. There is a specific output range for the sensor in the FSM which I don't have handy at the moment. Check those first and we'll go from there.
Hello Hoser, Do you have any instruction for how to remove the sensor? The one on the adjustable bar is difficult to screw it out. Thanks!
There's no trick to that one nut on the adjustable bar. Use PB Blaster?
Hi Hoser, Thanks much!

Actually there is a little trick for the removal. I got the height sensor off and openned it up. Tow of the three springs were totally rushed out. Replaced those springs and checked it's DC reading. Reinstalled the height sensor back to its position. My truck immediatley went back to normal height position with a smooth drive.

I was told by a Lexus dealer service consultant that it needs $550 plus tax to replaced with a new sensor.
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Yup, those sensors are over $400 each. You'd think they'd be of better quality.
I have the same problem with my 2002 Lx470. But when I checked the rear sensor control, it is already in the lower position. When I select "L", It moves to L position. When I select "N" It moves up. But I can see it's too high for "N" position. Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks!:crybaby:

The other day I had this problem where the rear height was insanely higher than the front - laughable. The ride turned bouncy and constantly swaying etc. When I went to L, the front and rear would lower but the rear was still insanely high. While having this problem if I tried to go into H it couldn't - it would blink and go back to N. I was able to get it closer to normal by holding down L and maybe letting go and holding down again and then the rear lowered more and came closer to normal. I thought it was normal but then a friend noticed on his own that it looked high in the rear. I decided to check the FSM for the specs. My front is within spec, but the rear was 2 inches off the spec:
(from the FSM)
(a) Inspect the vehicle height.​
Vehicle height​
Front A - B: 82.7 mm (3.256 in.)
Rear C - D: 71.2 mm (2.803 in.)​
Measuring points:
A: Ground clearance of spindle center
B: Ground clearance of lower suspension arm front bolt center
C: Ground clearance of rear axle shaft center​
D: Ground clearance of lower control arm front bolt center

My rear was only showing 3/4 in difference b/w C and D. I made the adjustment suggested in the FSM and by hoser and lowered the bolt all the way down the slot. I'm now way better, but still about 3/4 in. off. Is there any other way to adjust? If I have to move the bolt on the rear sensor all the way down is that already a red flag that I have a different problem? Any suggestions on what to try next? Looks like DIYkid had the same problem (except he's judging visually instead of measuring according to the FSM).
Well, I removed the rear sensor and opened it up to see if the springs were rusted out as others (here and other sites) have noted. 2 of my springs were rusted, one completely, the other significant but still one piece. Others talk about replacing the springs but I'm not sure what parts they used. I tried replacing the springs with springs from pens. I put it back in and no dice - in fact it went back to being stupid tall in the rear and then I couldn't get my car outta the garage!! It could have been the springs weren't "right" (not sure how conductive they need to be - looks like they need to make contact on both sides with metal, how springy/compressed they need to be (the oem springs are very compressed, the pen springs weren't), and there was also rust I couldn't completely clean out from the bottom compartment where one of the springs sits. So...luckily my local dealership isn't too far and it's open till 11pm including parts 365 days a year even holidays (believe it or not), so i picked up a friggin rear sensor, replaced it and everything's back to normal. Geez I've had some back luck this month - i only bought the truck 4 months ago with 70k and now I've got 77k and have already had to replace the nav ecu, the rear sensor, had a water leak in the trunk area. A love/hate relationship with this rig. Only thing that makes me feel better is that I've learned a lot trying to save $ and troubleshoot/fix things myself. I feel stupid now thinking these trucks were built like tanks - maybe mechanically (sure as hell hope so), but the electronics have really been a let down so far.
I'm having the same problem with the rear of my 2004 LX470 being way to high. It seems to go up and down as it pleases. I believe it's the sensor or at least the first place to begin. Does anyone know the correct DC reading of the sensor? Thanks!

Oh God, I am experiencing this right now with my 2007 LX 470. The rear is way too high, and like Craig's comment. It goes up and down as it pleases. Sometimes the ride is really bouncy because of the rear is too high.

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