1. RyanTomorrow

    CA mechanics?

    Hey fam, I’m a recent transplant to the west side (coming from NYC, now one Cupertino). I know y’all are south of me but I was hoping one of you might have a good resource for skilled LC mechanics in my area? I’ve got to get some things sorted that are above my banana rank. Thanks! Also...
  2. Beej

    For Sale Massive 300 ft lb torque wrench (HF)

    Hey folks, If you're doing the oil pump cover seal or front main seal, this is the tool you need. $60 shipped CONUS 3/4 in. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench -- Beej
  3. bamma

    A better oil filter wrench

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but due to the fact that the stock housing lends itself to getting stuck on the filter wrench or rounding off the filter housing I recommend getting one of these instead: Toyota Lexus Scion Special Oil Filter Wrench Tool LARGE SIZE | eBay I have one from...
  4. iptman

    Gear Wrench

    Has anyone here tried or currently use the Gear Wrench XP 120 wrenches? I'm thinking about picking up a full set of the flex heads to replace my craptastic Craftsman "ratcheting" open ended wrenches which are next to useless. I'd love to hear some opinions. I saw in the 80 section the Redline...
  5. cppilot

    For Sale Early 69-71 medium tool roll wrench set with blue clip

    OREGON...I have a 69-71 wrench set with the blue clip. This is from the medium tool roll from 69-71. The blue clip does not have the TEQ logo on it. Tools are in average condition I believe. See photos. Price dropped to $100 Shipped in the US I would also be willing to trade for a 1965...
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