1. R

    Stolen > Blue FJ62 (1989)

    Hey IH8MUD, First time poster here, but I have really enjoyed reading these forums the last 5 years. This desperate post is a bit of a hail mary--I just found out today that my LC was stolen. And I'm pretty gutted. I had been parking/storing my 1989 FJ62 at my work's private garage in...
  2. Matt Zimmer

    For Sale  Fzj80 transmission 600

    600 or best offer. I have a transmission sitting in storage and am trying to get rid of It. It is in oak harbor Washington. When I had it pulled out of my landcruiser it had 170k on it. Still worked great when I pulled it out. The center lock actuator has been removed. I have a broken one I can...


    Hi, Looking for a MUD member that is local to the Kennewick area of Eastern Washington. I have an FJ40 in storage there and I could really use some help. I basically need someone to meet the car hauler to facilitate loading it onto a truck. The bottomline is that I need someone trustworthy...
  4. Octave Zangs

    Wanted  Landcruiser FJ62 - Clean body, broken transmission/engine is ok

    UPDATED: Hi, I'm looking for a stock FJ62 in the 200k miles range or less, no rust, close to Portland, OR is a plus, but can ship it if needed. The least modifications the better. No or broken engine/transmission is fine as I currently have a FJ62 on hand with new transmission and good engine...
  5. Fantom

    Wheeling in Washington

    Hey guys, soon I'll be in Washington for a few days and was hoping to get some camping and wheeling in while there. I'll be around Wenatchee (likely a bit west), and have at leas 1, maybe two nights. Any recommendations for something not too hard since I'll be wheeling solo. And I guess I need...
  6. rustybucket

    Parting Out  Not parting out selling as a entire bj60 in Tacoma Washington

    1984 bj60 land cruiser The 60 is driveable. Drove it down from Canada about a year ago and decided I wanted to drive another vehicle so parked it. If you live in the Puget Sound Just drive up and inspect the vehicle. It still has the remains of a on board air system on it. It has rebuilt...
  7. T

    For Sale  SM465 to 3 Speed Plate Adapter. Washington St.

    I have a new unused SM465 to 3 speed tcase adapter. Woodys style, purchase off of this board new several years ago. Asking $250 shipped us mail. Thank you
  8. 4xsteve

    SOLD  1985 FJ60

    Stock driveline: 2F, 4spd, 4.10's. Rear has a LockRite and front is open but there's a LockRite included to go in if desired. Home-fabbed spring-over (not my handy work) with nearly new 35" General Grabbers. New (not factory) front seats but they need to be lowered some. Exterior below windows...
  9. James Warner

    Wanted  Early(ish) Front Bench Seats and Rear Jump Seats (1967)

    Hello Fellow Mudders, My recently acquired project is lack the factory front seats (non-headrest version). I'm looking for at the minimum decent frames of which I can restore. I'm located in the Seattle area but would be happy to travel for the right seats (and other parts?); I can bring my own...
  10. FozzyCruise

    Adventures of the Brown Beast '84 FJ60

    Hello fellow mudders, wanted to start a little build thread after being a long time lurker on here researching and hunting down my FJ60. After hunting for almost a year, many miles travelled and and clist ads viewed, I purchased a 1984 Copper brown metallic Land cruiser in PDX. It is...
  11. T

    Portland Area Mechanic

    Looking for a solid mechanic recommendation in the Portland area to do work on my 80 head gasket and affiliated services. Thanks!
  12. LeftHandRev

    Seattle Based BJ70

    Hi all, I just joined the forum about a month ago. I just got my '88 BJ70 on Monday from Amazing Auto Imports in Richmond, BC. It's got ~79,500km and zero rust. I'm really enjoying it. This is my first Land Cruiser and honestly, with the mileage it has and how much I tend to put on cars, may...
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