valve adjustment

  1. js0k

    SOLD  2F/3FE Valve/Rocker Adjustment Screws

    Hey, was wondering if anyone has any 2F/3FE (for 3FE but they look the same) valve adjustment screws and nuts kicking around that they’d sell. Can’t seem to find any and I ruined a couple while freeing up stuck lifters.
  2. AfricaPhil

    Valve Clearance too big

    Hi guys, Greetings from Central Africa. As part of a rebuild of my HZJ75 1996 troopie with 300.000 Km checked valve clearance yesterday after engine rebuild including a new cylinder head (old one had cracks from overheating). the clearance is far too big for all my valves (between 1 and...
  3. TheWhitefox

    3FE Discouraging tale (valves, oil galley, and knocking)

    So I want to hash out the tail of the past year from the beginning to get feedback on where you all think I should go next. I have learned a lot about this truck and this engine but I'm lost as to what is happening in my engine that is causing the problem. Thanks for all the help thus far! Big...
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