1. T

    For Sale Black Tuffy Series II 6.5in Wide Security Console

    I am selling my Tuffy Series II 6.5" Wide Black Security Console that was installed in my 84 FJ60. Here are the specs: Exterior Dimensions: 24" L (includes cup holder) x 6 1/2" W (cup holder is 8" W) x 18 1/2" H (includes 4" mounting bracket), 3 1/2" Holes for drinks Interior Dimensions: (Length...
  2. HJ47

    SOLD MN - Tuffy Series II 6.5" Wide Center Console w/ FJ40's '79+ Mounting Kit & Extras

    Now sold. Tuffy Series II 6.5" Wide Center Console w/ FJ40's 79+ Mounting Kit & Extras This is the 6.5" console (not the hidden stereo head unit version). Comes with all pictured (console, mounting kit, LED light, gas spring, 12v outlet kit (unopened), drink holder (mount on front or back)...
  3. mrjordann

    How do y'all fit your Tuffy consoles?

    I made a post a week or so ago, I asked which center console I should buy. I got a lot of responses recommending the Tuffy console. So I bought the 6" (smallest) Tuffy console for sale. Upon installation, I really had to smash it between the seats and it did not feel good. I attached a picture...
  4. RFB

    Aftermarket Console

    Im looking at A. Having a console made or B. finding a tuffy like box console that will work. Whats everyone using or wanting to use. I use my console but its plastic and thats not fantastic.
  5. FJ60Seth

    SOLD Tuffy Console Drink Holder

    A little scratched and has some glue residue, but works fine. I loved having this thing, but I need the room for a crawl box shifter. $25 shipped to any USPS zip code.
  6. mtweller

    For Sale [Raleigh] 10" Tuffy Console

    10" Tuffy console, black. Got it from a fellow Mudder some time ago, and I need to go to the 8" version now. It has a few holes drilled in the bottom, and maybe a few scratches, but in overall good condition. There seems to be a very fine bit of overspray on the passenger side, but I only just...
  7. zgarre

    For Sale Tuffy Standard Drink Holder - Charcoal

    Very good condition (photos to follow). This is an extra that I no longer need. $10.00 + $6.10 for Priority shipping anywhere in CONUS
  8. 4

    Can someone post pics of the tuffy and ccot console in an fj60

    Trying to make a decision. Can anyone post pics of it in their ride. Thx
  9. bluehawk

    Wanted Used 8" Tuffy Console for 87' Fj60

    Hello guys, I'm looking for an 8" Tuffy Console for my Fj60. Color doesn't matter because I'll probably have it blasted and powder coated. Would like one with the mounting area for a stereo but anything will do. Thanks ahead of time. Ryan
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