trd beadlocks

  1. Esq4x4

    SOLD Utah- Rock Warrior (RW) 6 lug TRD rim.

    Debating wether or not to purchase 4 TRD RW rims...I only need 1. Does any other member need 1 for a spare? These are hard to come buy in the 6 lug. If I have 3 serious buyers I’ll purchase them before they are gone. Current owner will not part with just 1.
  2. BLKTRD13

    For Sale 17" TRD RIMS (TEXAS)

    I have a set (4) of 17" 5 lug TRD FORGED wheels. These are OEM takeoffs. Taken off a 2013 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Edition. These wheels are in flawless condition, they were taken off the same day the truck was bought brand new. They have been in storage ever since. asking price is $1800. If...
  3. Jeff Sage

    For Sale 1998 Expedition Built Land Cruiser $18K

    1998 Expedition Toyota Land Cruiser (Text Jeff (970) 470-6666 View the craigslist thread at 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser List of Upgrades: ARB Front Bumper $1,480.10 LED Fog Lamps $490.00 BIO Rock Sldders $1,010.00 BIO Rear Bumper $1,525.00 BIO Adjutible Tire Carrer $720.00 ARB...
  4. dadswithcars

    For Sale TRD Beadlock Bronze including spare 16x6.5 6x5.5

    5 wheels, Toyota P/N ALY69577 , 16x7.5, 6 Lug, 5.5 Inch Bolt Pattern, 12 slot machined/painted "TRD Beadlock" , Made in England The wheels are all in excellent shape. The 5th wheel ring is not as shiny as the others-- it is available separately. Note: The wheels have tires on them--I've only...
  5. C

    Wanted Wanted: Rock Warrior Wheels for 2016 LC 200 (Land Cruiser)

    Looking for a set of of 4 or 5 Rock Warrior Wheels for a 2016 Land Cruiser. I can drive an hour or a little more if you are close to New Orleans. Otherwise we can ship them. Don't need them to be perfect condition. Email to
  6. dadswithcars

    For Sale TRD Rock Warrior 5 wheels 6 lug $1500

    Please delete this thread.
  7. G

    For Sale Rock warrior wheels Oregon

    17x8 TRD rock warrior wheels take offs from Tundra truck that received lift & wheel pkg. NO lug nuts or tire pressure sensors . Will not split up set. Prefer local sale but may be willing to ship. $800 + shipping.
  8. Juan Munoz

    For Sale TRD Beadlock Wheels

    Selling 5 TRD beadlocks wheels. Price each is 225$ new My price: 850$ obo SHIPPED for all 5. Wheels are in mint condition just bought in August of 2015. Going back to stock so selling all my goodies of my car. Throwing in for free TRD Conical Lug nuts (125$ value) (Required) For Tacoma, Fj...
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