1. cruiserhound

    Seat transplant?

    Will the 1994 80 seats be interchangeable with the 1991 80 seats?
  2. southern jeeper

    Heart transplant for my 74

    Some if you might have seen my other thread where I started a frame off on my 72... Needless to say I've gotten bogged down on for several reasons but I won't go into detail on that. On to the important stuff. Last summer I got a package deal on a 74 a 75 and a 77 in various states. The 77 and...
  3. E

    Transplant 4.2L 1HDFT on 105 (1HZ)

    Hello, I have a complete 1HDFT 24-valves with all the electronics and accesories surrounding the engine. I want trnsplant it into 2004 105 with 1HZ engine. A few questions: - Does somebody did it before? - What problems I should expect? - Does a menual gear will fit? Thanks
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