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  2. GoPats

    Events/Trails  Idaho Trails: Post your favorites; directions; maps; pics; GPS Tracks ...

    I'm thinking it would be cool for folks to post some Cruiser Trails that we can explore. Here's info/video I saw awhile back and thought it looked fun: Boulder City, Idaho: looks like a cool over-night'er ... maybe some folks would be up for an adventure next spring/summer/fall? There's...
  3. G

    Wildcat Ridge Loop Camping

    Hey there, Generally new to the idea of "overlanding" (camping out of your car) and I was wondering if I could get some help. I have done a brief search for what im looking for already but could not find what I was looking for, so please forgive me if Im posting something thats already on...
  4. Ali M

    Nooby question about WA Trails?

    Are there any trails you can recommend with my '16 LC stock tires and ground clearance of 9.1 inch? I am also eyeing the following trails, so your brief insight on these would be appreciated in terms of what parts of the trail you tried and your rig's current tires/lift: Walker Valley Reiter...
  5. MillironFZJ80

    New FZJ80 Owner Looking for Trails - Helena, AL

    A little background, my dad bought my brother this 80 about 10 years ago and I've always wanted it. BAD. So my bro finally got a new car and I told him to not sell the Cruiser but to sell it to me instead. It has 241k miles and the engine was refurbished around 220k. It runs and drives great. I...
  6. spaldam

    Help needed from a few Texans

    We are looking for a few good people who know the off-road areas in Texas, and have good writing skills. Come check us out and join up with this awesome project: Trails Offroad
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