traction control

  1. 4

    2005 LX470 VGRS ECU

    My LX470 has the VGRS, VSC OFF, and VSC TRAC lights on. They are steady and remain on all the time while driving. Took it to Toyota to get diagnosed and the codes pulled were ABS: C1289, C1291, C1340 VGRS: C1554, C1568 AHC: 1777. I was told these are all related to the VGRS going bad except for...
  2. J

    FJ40 traction control options?

    Newbie here, I am eventually wanting to put in some traction control upgrades for my FJ40. Right now I have 31" tires possibly goto 33" in the future but probably not bigger than that. Automatic/LS conversion - mild, saginaw PS upgrade was done in the last year. Would like something...
  3. MattOOTO

    Help with traction control warning light & wheel locking - 2001 LC

    Hello all. Apologies for a long post, but this issue has taken up many hours of my time (including reading hundreds of posts and links from here) and I wanted to be as thorough as possible in describing the issue and background. First a quick & dirty summary: my 2001 LC (~240k miles) has...
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