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  1. Bassumarus

    Stock Front Recovery Point Photo Request

    No Such Thing as a Stupid Question test of the day: Where the hell are my front recovery points? I've been all over the front my Landbruiser and can't find them anywhere. Internet searches I've done reference loops welded to the frame, but I haven't found any photos to help me see where to...
  2. Bluetribal

    Vendor - Trail Tailor

    I am prepping for a trip to Moab in March and in doing so I new I was going to need some real front tow points. At the time I was ordering a custom wood sign from the vendors section and noticed @reevesci had ordered a sign and I had been talking with him about some parts for my old 80 Series...
  3. Steve D

    For Sale  80 or 100 series tow points - Marks4WD - Brand new $75

    One pair of Marks 4WD part #MFK20126, powder coated yellow. Toyota LandCruiser 80, 100 &105 Series Heavy Duty Recovery Tow Point Fits front or rear of 80/100/105. New in box, all hardware included. Paid $135 shipped from AUS. Asking $75 + shipping from 30305.
  4. IrishCRZR

    Wanted  FJ60 front tow hook

    Bumper No Hook by IrishCRZR posted Feb 2, 2016 at 9:43 AMHi - seeking an extra/parted front tow hook. Its $35 shipped from SOR, was hoping someone would ship to 60613 for $20 - wear and tear appreciated. New bumper feels naked without it:
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