1. HoundDog

    The Tall Skinny

    For you guys looking for the tall skinny wheel/tire combo, I came across this link about new reproduction 16” welded steel wheels with clips for OEM hub caps available from Japan. Made for 235/85 16’s. There’s a testimonial story about finding the holy grail tire/wheel combo for a 40. They also...
  2. ATXLC1

    PASSENGERS SEAT BRACKET- 1978 40 Series. Rear 2 7/8 inch, tall type seat bracket

    Anyone got one of these who is willing to sell or trade for cool refreshments? Also can someone please take a photograph of the alignment of the passenger seat (behind seat) or with the upright part of the seat collapsed forward so you can see the brackets and seat rails. My passenger seat rails...
  3. PSC93FZJ

    34x10.50R17 KO2's on FJ wheels

    Finally pulled the trigger on these tires. Wheels are oem FJ aluminum - 17x7.5" w/15mm offset. Sitting fine on 220K mile saggy springs but OME 2851/2860's will go on soon. I'll post actual measurements (height/width) and update with new photos after the springs are on. '93 FZJ80 - 34x10.50...
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